This is not your regular yam porridge!

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Hian! 5000th wonder of the world is right here in  my house and that is being torn in two factions of what to eat. Plus, we don’t split pots too.

One party says he doesn’t eat yam (I don’t know when that one started?) the other says he doesn’t eat yam porridge abi pottage(whatever that means, I don’t know too)

This is called a situation of “yam pepper scatter scatter” (isu ata yányan?)
And like a storm, it hit me, and I prepared this:

Tomato and rodo
Olive oil (or any oil of choice)
Smoked fish (ponmo or beef or egg)

Unto the cooking things:

  • Slice and peel yam, then chop it into cubes. (I said I don’t eat yam porridge.)
  • Rinse well and add moderate water that will cook till it softens. (It’s better the water is not enough as you can add more to it. This is so because there will be no draining of water from the yam)
  • Chop onions and add to the yam.
  • Introduce just one seasoning cube (knorr, suppy, royco,maggi,carry…) to augment the salt. Allow to cook for 10minutes
  • Add sliced ugwu leaves.
  • Leave to cook till yam is soft. This is when you should stir(I hope you’ve not been stirring o?)
  • Reduce heat and allow to steam for 3 minutes, (not yam, not porridge is ready)


  • Grate, blend or slice your pepper, tomato and onions. (Anyway you love it is welcomed)
  • Heat your preferred oil
  • Your deboned and washed fish (chicken, ponmo, beef of what you want except egg) should go into the hot oil.
  • Add your seasoning to the frying fish
  • Fry to your level of satisfaction and add pepper in the first step to the mix
  • Allow to cook on medium heat for 10-12minutes. Stir at interval to avoid burning (whether nonstick or not)
  • Add ugwu leaves (or not)
  • Allow to cook on low heat for another 5 -7minutes.
So I served the one that doesn’t eat yam first. 
He: I said I don’t eat yam.
Me: This is white porridge.
The other one
He: I said I don’t eat porridge
Me: This is yam with only ugwu. Which kain porridge.
My brethren, that was how I overcame.

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