5 Things Every Woman Needs to Know By 25

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I know,  I know.  I know that you are becoming tired of lists but there are definitely some things every woman needs to know by 25. I also know that you are hating on the folks who tell you every now and then that you need just one more thing or five! to be better.

Bad news is that you really need them.  Every woman needs to know some basic things in life.

Imagine that you already passed your driving tests and you are caught messing up a road law months after.  Well,  let’s say you are lucky your aunt caught that and she asks why the heck you were stupid.  “I didn’t know there was a law like that” sounds very stupid so you just go the easy way out,  “I forgot”.

Well,  you didn’t know and in your heart you know that this height of ignorance is so unforgivable.

Okay,  I have been able to convince you and you have decided to go on ahead to read my 5 more tips you should know if you are to be an excelling woman.  Here we go!

How to use the search engine

Every woman needs to know how to use the search engine.  I sat across a doctor one rough morning and complained about some symptoms.  In the process of him asking questions and well,  eventually diagnosing,  I began to shrivel at the realization that I may actually,  in reality,  correctly,  know more than the doctor on that matter.

It only took me to open Google’ s home page.  I understand that the search engine is no way a substitute for doctors.  Never!  And that was why I went to see the doctor in the first place.

But I have been able to learn a lot more about my body than a doctor would afford the time. I am not limiting the search engines to health research,  it goes same way for every other thing.  I go there to input absurd keywords but I get what I want still.

I believe every phone literate woman should be search engine savvy.  It saves you a lot of time and energy. Kitchen tricks,  your child’s stomach rumbling, school work, anything.

How to negotiate skilfully 

We know how to haggle best in the market.  Men struggle to do that and still don’t end up with something cool all the time.  It is such an inherent skill in the average woman.  However,  negotiation isn’t limited to market scenarios alone,  it is also needful in the workplace,  school and even at home. Dealing with a stubborn child may surprisingly require some negotiation. So,  every woman needs to know this by 25! Prepare.

How to say no

We are naturally emotional.  Too much of emotional is a weakness. It puts us on the vulnerable side of the scale.  I have also found out that men don’t always believe a simple no.  It is therefore needful to know how to be firm and assertive.  To be firm doesn’t require that you be loud,  it only requires the right combination of smart words and coordinated facial expressions.  Every woman needs to learn how to say no.

How to shop wisely 

If you read my post on ways to avoid impulse buying,  you should have a little grasp on shopping wisely.  Every woman needs this skill.  There is this emotional side of us that pushes us to shop the way we feel at the moment.  Learning how to prioritize and decide on what is most beneficial is a valuable skill .

This is a good post on 5 times you should not shop.

How to prioritize 

We are known for juggling in between so many things.  An average wife is a multitasking woman.  Prioritizing is a good skill to acquire so that you don’t end up doing more important things at a really awkward time.  In case you didn’t know,  you can be all and about and everywhere doing nothing in particular. Every woman should know how to prioritize before 25.

What are the things you want to work on? What skills do you want to acquire? Let’s share in the comments section.

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