10 things to do every night before bed

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It is not surprising that what we do before we retire to bed is capable of affecting the quality of our sleep and our overall morning mood. The hour before finally drifting off to wonderland is essentially important.

Unfortunately, many things are causing us to have less than great night-time experiences. These are attributed to habits and routines that are not only poor but sabotaging our entire night-time experience.

We know when we slept well, when we are well rested enough and when we feel better in the morning. It is not difficult to feel a morning headache or body pains or just some sort of sluggishness.

In fact, what you do right before you sleep is a very determinant factor to how early you rise the next morning. If you would like to know how to wake up early the next morning and not feel tired, you should read this very practical article.

Below, I will list 10 things to do every night before bed if you must have a well rested night.

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10 things to do every night before bed

1. Switch off your phone

I used to be guilty of not switching off my phone for the night. Guess what? It was not difficult to recognize those mornings, tired and sluggish mornings.

You might want to activate the scheduled on and off feature on your phone if you always happen to drift off without shutting down. A ping, a buzz, screen light, a Led flash, all these are enough to ruthlessly interrupt a good night’s sleep.

The same goes for other gadgets, shut down. I have a friend who claims that a decent amount of exposure to screen light helps him sleep. If you ask me, I would say that this is an unhealthy night-time routine. Power down your gadgets.

2. Prepare for the next day

Take time out to plan for the next day. You should be done with this task in 30 minutes. One way to prepare for the following day is to write a to-do list. What are your plans? How do you hope to achieve them?

This should not be so hard and fast that they become rigid laws. They are just preparatory notes that help you organize your day.

3. Take stock

What notable thing happened during the day? What would you like to not repeat? What five things are you grateful for? You can write in your cash notebook. How and what did you spend on? This is a good way to calm yourself and get yourself to appreciate the day.

4. Have a warm bath

Oh, never miss an opportunity for a warm bath. This is capable of instantly lifting off the day’s stress. If you are a fan of essential oils or aromas, you can add in lavender into your bath tub.

Spend some time in there before you change into a comfortable wear. This is a gift to yourself, don’t ever deny you of this one.

5. Switch into comfortable clothes

If you have a very busy life, you may wake up the next morning in your work or day clothes. This negates the purpose of rest. Get yourself very comfortable sleepwear and pyjamas before bed time.

6. Reduce water intake

If you are known to visit the toilet more than once during night-time, you might want to take this as a cue to drastically decrease your water intake. A good rule of thumb is to not drink water two hours before sleep.

7. Read a book

Reading a book is a good way to end your day. If you love fiction, why not activate your day dreamer? If you would like to deepen your relationship with God, this might be a time to read the Bible. This doesn’t have to be a boring time.

You can pick and read some interesting bible stories. I particularly love the story of Esther in the Bible. Oh well, this is probably because we are sakes. Yes, Samson’s story gives me a great night rest too.

8. Take off your makeup

So, we are all guilty of this at least once in a lifetime. We retire to bed so tired that we sleep in our makeup. Make it a priority to remove your makeup before you sleep.

A good option is to have makeup wipes handy by your bed side. You only owe yourself a reach across your bedside table. On your good days, properly wash off your makeup and apply a good moisturizer.

9. Settle scores

Who do you have a beef with? Now is the time to forgive and make some amendments. Settle scores with whoever you have issues with. Hopefully, you can both sleep over it and wake up better.

10. Wrap in your hair

Last but not least, wrap in your hair. A satin hair bonnet is great for this purpose. Carefully tuck in your hair into the bonnet, this will take less than 3 minutes.

Doing this helps to protect your hair, lock in moisture, avoid hair breakage and keep your hair style neat.

What do you do every night before bed? Would you love to share with us?

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