These 4 fruits enhance your natural hair

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fruits that enhance natural hair

I’m so excited

Going online and seeing all this stress free natural hair tips is giving me too much joy. For people like me that thought that I’ll soon give up on the hair ni, because it was as if there was no hope, hope is alive!!!

I’ll just write out four fruits that can enhance our hair and how. Later this week, or next, I’ll drop in easy homemade fruit mask for hair and maybe even skin….so that as our hair is fining our skin too will follow.


Prevents hair loss and prevents damaged scalp. It is also good for softening hair.


Deals with dandruff. Dandruff ehn. The thing is not nice at all o, especially in natural hair. It can also be the cause of itchy and damaged scalp.


It helps in nourishing and fortifying our hair.
I know it is almost, if not totally out of season already.


Good for dry and itchy scalp.
It hydrates the hair too.

This fruits are the ones that we can easily obtain, except the mango when it’s not in season
Good hair is good business o

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