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The Weekend Blogging Forum

The Weekend Blogging Forum Episode 2

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The Weekend Blogging Forum Episode 1 went really well. I was happy to answer questions and I am indeed glad we left that forum with actionable plans.

My favorite question was by Uche of AfamUche

Below was her question:

Thanks a lot for this forum, It will totally help.

Please, can you kindly elaborate on blog comments as subjective. You know sometimes you might be getting traffic to your Blog but those comments ain’t dropping in especially for a beginner and sometimes you feel if your audience are not engaging with those post with comments or likes you ain’t doing enough work. And you are not worthy or ready for collaboration.

Here was my answer:

“When it comes to engagement, it takes time. It takes time to build a community. It takes time to build a tribe. You might want to be patient until you begin to gradually have your own clan, the guys that vibe with you. You build these people mostly off your blog. Yes, you have to go and find them and genuinely get them to like you and your message. This is one.

The other thing is this: are you addressing your average reader’s pain point? Is this a blog post they would put everything on hold for? Remember that our attention span is so short and you can’t blame us, too many notifications to attend to. So, while on your post, they will either decide to stay or move elsewhere. Is the post worth their while, enough to stay? And like I said, it has to be addressing a major pain point. This is why you have to define your target audience and understand them afterward. Understand enough to hit it right!

Another issue I want to make mention of is the nature of posts. For some posts, quality engagement might be measured by the number of shares than by the number of comments. Why? They are conclusive on their own. They need no further conversation. What you can do is to write more comment provoking posts, the ones your readers cannot help but say something on.

The last thing I want to mention is how much traffic the post has. A post with 1,000 visits has a better chance of attracting a comment than one with just 100 visits. So, you might also want to work on the influx of traffic to individual posts to increase the chances of having feedback.

I hope these points help. Please let me know if you need further clarifications or you still have more concerns as regards this issue.”

So, I have decided to continue with The Weekend Blogging Forum Episode 2 and I can’t wait to take your questions

Did you have questions you were not able to ask last week? Please ask in the comments section below. Are you joining The Weekend Blogging Forum for the first time? You are welcome on board.

Please remember that the comments section will be closed by 12:00 midnight Saturday (Nigerian Time). See you in the comments section!

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