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The Weekend Blogging Forum

The Weekend Blogging Forum Episode 1

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The Weekend Blogging Forum is a segment of the blog I am launching today and I am so excited about it. It took me such a long time to finally get this started for some reasons but if it is not now, I really don’t know when. It just has to be now!

Every now and then, I get so many questions as regards blogging and other blogging related issues on my Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook and I am so sure that opening this kind of forum will help to bring a lot of quality to the table.

This episode of The Weekend Blogging Forum is going to be a test and I will determine for how long this will go based on the response it gets. If I see that it is a relevant and something people are open to tapping into, I will continue with an episode 2, 3, 4, 5, until I think it irrelevant or it can go on forever, you decide, aha!

This is how it goes, you ask any question bothering you about Blogging and everything related to it. How to open a blog, how to make money from your blog, your social media, Pinterest, SEO, anything. Some of my friends and I will try to treat every of your question and help you out of your blogging dilemma.

Here is however something important to note. Ask specific questions! Specific questions are questions that bother you and your blogging. Do not ask questions that are too broad. For example, “how can you make money from a blog?”

While that may be answered eventually, you might have to be directed to resources that will aid you. Questions like “I have tried to make money from affiliate marketing using so, so and so method but I have not made any sale yet, any advice?” This is more specific to you. It is easier to solve your blogging problems that way.

If I do not have answers because I am new to the aspect you are asking a question in, I will be sure to forward to anyone else I am sure can answer accurately and be of immense help. It is a forum, anyone can also answer if they have some strengths in the pain point communicated.

The comments section of each episode of the blogging forum will be closed by 12:00midnight Saturday (Nigerian Time). So, invite your friends, Bloggers, and prospective Bloggers, let’s get this thing started. See you in the comments section!

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The Weekend Blogging Forum, Esther Adeniyi, Esther Adeniyi's blog, TWBF episode 1, The Weekend Blogging Forum episode 1

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