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The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu is being adapted into a TV Series

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God knows I knew this would happen when I read The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu. I honestly didn’t think of it as a TV series though, let’s be honest.

I thought of it more like a movie. There was too much more to The Smart Money Woman. Arese Ugwu was able to roll in some serious creativity with credible information.

I have never read any finance book that is both interesting and instructional at the same time. Some of the finance books I read before The Smart Money Woman were as serious as money itself.

Some books are just necessary texts and that was how I saw finance books until I read The Smart Money Woman.

On her Instagram page, ARESE UGWU wrote:

“8 months!!! Eight months of meetings, phone calls, back and forth with lawyers, tears, frustration. I wanted to give up many times but this moment was everything!!! .
My book The Smart Money Woman is officially being turned into a Tv series and First Bank is the Lead sponsor… ??? Im super grateful to F.A.M, Abimbola and the First bank Team for believing in this project .
Super excited to begin this journey, bringing my characters to life..I already know its going to be tough ?but I’m grateful to God for the small wins in between… My watch words for 2019 Execution and resilience!!! No matter how hard it gets…We Move… @firstbanknigeria

Abeg! Spin me make e sweet”

Just a summary, in case you haven’t read The Smart Money Woman or you have read but forgotten the story.

It is the story of a young woman and her other girlfriends who go through mental shifts to financial freedom as a result of their different individual and collective experiences.

She is living the African woman dream, good job, nice house, great life in short. Things go south and the lessons life taught her and her friends helped them to square up and own up to their financial indiscretion. Every chapter in The Smart Money Woman is made to bring out some profound financial lesson for young women in Africa especially.

What do you think of the upcoming TV series? I can’t wait though.

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