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The only thing you need to be a successful Blogger

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While I recorded a voice note for one of my Blogging clients, I caught myself mentioning something that’s going to change any Blogger’s world. And so when I said this same word to some other blogging enthusiast today, I knew that it was time to talk about this.

And just so you know, there are a million other ways to be a successful Blogger but I bet, it all starts and ends with just one thing and if you can get it right from the outset, you are totally good.

Now I know that success means a lot of things to different people, Bloggers inclusive. While one Blogger is measuring success by how much is in their account, another Blogger is measuring blogging success by how many comments the posts for a week have received.

It doesn’t matter what your metric is, it is valid and legit. You are working hard to get something out of your platform so it’s important that reaching that goal is a part of your success.

I have personally met people who told me they just want to write, express and be heard. They told me that years ago and this is still want they want. For people like these, how much quality traffic, comments and general blog engagement they have are success metrics.

Some of the people who said this to me have moved on to other blogging goals. Some are now in the process of monetizing their blogs. I mean, at the end of the day, nobody’s definition of blogging success is inferior.

So, what do you need to become a successful Blogger? What is that one thing that you should have if you are to be all that you want to be as a Blogger and smash all of your goals.

Be awesome!

Just be awesome!

This is all you need to be if you will become very successful in this terrain. I will explain and get you to be on the same page as I am right now so that when I say this to you again, you are reading it with more insight and understanding.

What it means to be awesome is a whole lot of things and inasmuch as the list is long, I will sum this up in two parts.

1. Be the best that you can be

Be so good that they can’t stop asking about the new kid on the block. One of the problems some of us have is misplaced priorities. So, instead of chasing the next big collaboration, why not spend all of that time writing and putting together some more stunning, killer, resourceful, viral-worthy content?

The time you spend trying to make more money or get mentioned by the next big thing, if you spend it investing in this craft, understanding what to do to get to the next level, unlearning and relearning, you will most definitely be sought after.

All of the energy you put into recovering from a failed partnership or rejected proposal, wouldn’t it be more profitable investing it into becoming the best?

Go from being ‘s/he blogs really good’ to ‘without this person, we won’t survive’. If you move from just being good to being awesome, to being the next valid solution, you are not going to worry about why you were not involved in that collaboration.

Because that, my friend, is not the big picture. The big picture is becoming indispensable. It is in becoming the answer to problems in your niche.

If anyone were to mention the top 10 Bloggers in your industry, would you be among? You see? This is where all of your energy should be.

The best part of this all is that all of the skills you learn and virtues that are deposited in you along the line will become monetizable in the end.

Did you learn search engine optimization in the bid to drive more people to read your awesome post, you can monetize this. Did you have to learn how to work with other Bloggers to cause a blast in a collaborative brand photo shoot, you can monetize it.

Just think about these things. All the things you had to perfect to move on to bigger things. Product photography, graphics design, copy editing, writing, blog design. This is a very long list depending on your niche. Some of you will have to learn how to draw your eye brows better to shoot a better vlog. This is a shade at me, lol.

2. Give all that you can without holding back

There is something being a value driven, solution provider does to your recipient. For one, it leaves them indebted to you.

If you are a beauty Blogger with a makeup hack, go the extra mile. If you hope to monetize or you already sell a service, give out your best. Look for ways to get a review like ‘you turned my life around’ even without asking.

If you are going to write a post on how to make the best banana bread, please write all of what it takes for anyone who has never seen a banana to get right into this thing and come out on the other end with an award winning banana bread.

If you are writing a review, be honest, don’t hold back. Provide the value that other Bloggers are too lazy to provide. For some, it isn’t even laziness, it is just selfishness.

Unfortunately, what they are holding back hasn’t made them millionaires yet, so the point? Provide unmatched solutions. Be the answer.

When I say you be awesome, just be two things : the best in your industry and a solution provider. If you can channel all of your energy into all of the things that should be top priority, you are going to be a successful Blogger.

So begin to ask the tough questions :

What can I do better?
How can I serve more?
How can this blog post be the best so far on this topic?
What will it take me to move from here to being awesome?

Appraise your blogging processes and results against the best Bloggers in the world. Just be awesome!

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