The most toasted girl | “pray for me” (S1. E2)

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The Most Toasted Girl | “Pray for Me” (S1. E2)

I swear, this is so me. It is so me, like this is the most accurate description of what it feels like to find a husband in Lagos. So, I was sharing with my folks on Whatsapp.

This dude began to argue with me. He said that I look really familiar. I told him I don’t know him from Adam and I am 100% sure he doesn’t know me too.

Usually. dudes who use this watery pick up line quickly switch to business when you catch on. I mean, something like, “okay, so I am busted. Errrr, is it okay I take a spot beside you?” Simple!

We will all assume your stupid line was a conversation starter, only that it has become too popular to be taken seriously.

This guy in question, the one dragging familiarity with me, he just kept making a fool of himself. It was so embarrassing to watch. Of course, he was a learner.

I am liking this new series though. So short but entertaining and accurate too. Below is the Season 1 Episode 1. Watch:

TheNengers just got a new subscriber and fan. I have been so longing for something hot to keep me on my feet after Skinny Girl in Transit. Who missed SGIT? I terribly miss SGIT.

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