The most toasted girl | “Is This Love?” (S1.Ep 3)


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The most toasted girl | “Is This Love?” (S1.Ep 3)


So, this episode…

Does it ever happen that this guy is looking like the real deal? Like okay o, he is ticking off number 1, number 2, 3, 4 5, ahn ahn, number 9 on your list and the number 10 that he isn’t ticking off just destroys the whole 1 to 9.

I once met one fine guy like that in the cinema o. Shey you know I have shares in the movie industry na. All looking peng na. In my mind, I was like, agysbdbdijckncicjccsa.

Dude approached and my head was just doing tinrinrin tinrinrin. He was coming to ask why I was begging for a ticket switch with someone and if we could do the switch. But nna ehn, his first sentence knocked me off! He had a heavy accent. No no no, it is not bad to have it but you can’t be too fine and have that type of accent.

My jeeez, I was just counting minutes to enter the cinema theatre. God was so good to me, he wasn’t watching the same movie. I for just dey cry for dia!

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