The Millions

The Millions (Nollywood movie) review

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You should watch The Millions for reasons other than money. I know, “when it is dollars, everything changes” but there is an endearing factor with this movie.

So here’s the other thing about The Millions: it revealed my inner razz. I laughed so deep I lost my breath. I laughed….oh man I laughed so much I couldn’t contain my insides. I was a disaster in that hall.

The Millions, produced by Chika Lann; directed by Toka Mcbaror and Tunde Apalowo was a feel-good Nollywood thriller! It was an audience pleaser. It is supposed to be of the crime genre, but I humbly see it in a different light.

The opening scenes got me excited as the accompanying music set the stage for movie beauty. It effortlessly cheered us in.


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A Con artist is known to sap money out of unsuspecting greedy men. He builds a team of money-hungry men to steal a huge sum of money to the tune of millions. Planning this operation and the actual execution of it reveal what each one of them truly wants.

Here’s the trailer, it should whet your appetite.

The Millions Nollywood Trailer

The Acting

First, the acting. It was brilliant! Good delivery, awesome actors. They very well played their roles and brought their characters to life.

But Toyin Abraham just comes in to cause a spark shaaaaaa. I literally leaped for joy when I saw her, how is she so smooth in whatever role she plays?

Ramson Noah was absolutely remarkable. His performance was exceptional. It was the kind you wanted to see more of. He portrayed a very intoxicating personality. If you don’t become fond of him, I give it to you, you are a hard guy.

I like that the script gave characters the opportunity to express as much as they did. No holds, maximum juicing of talents.

The dialogue between the characters was engaging. It was fast many of the time, which is good. The calmer conversations were convincing enough.

The Millions Cast was in perfect synchrony – Ramsey Nouah, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Ayo Makun, Ali Nuhu, Nancy Isime, Chika Lann, Toyin Abraham, Bro Shaggi, Etinosa Idemudia.

The Story

Now, the story. There seemed to be a few loopholes here and there. I found it very difficult to reconcile a few scenes but The Millions worked hard to give the right perspective. Maybe the synergy was lost at the end. It ended like the typical Nollywood action. A couple of twists but typical still.

The build-up to climax was entertaining and that was enough compensation. There was practically no time to be bored.


If you like to laugh, The Millions is for you. Don’t take it too seriously though. You should enjoy the sequence until the build-up to climax.

So, yes, I recommend it. On a scale of 0 to 10, I give The Millions an 8.

That film was an impressive debut by Chika Lann. Good one!

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