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12 Most powerful life lessons from The Lion King (2019 movie)

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Last weekend was a very fulfilling one and it is largely due to the fact that The Lion King (2019) was in it. I enjoyed the movie, I enjoyed the experience and most importantly, the lessons from The Lion King movie gave some more, deeper meaning to it all.

I have decided to write out 12 of the most important, powerful Lion King movie lessons that have jumped out at me. First, let me give you some perspective, read a summary of the story and then watch the movie trailer. If you have not seen it at all, this may be the nudge that you need to get yourself to the cinema.

The Lion King Synopsis

Simba is born to King Mufasa and he begins to learn and prepare for how to become the next King of Pride Rock. Simba’s Uncle, Mufasa’s brother is full of bitterness and is green with envy, so, he begins to plot disaster. Simba exiles after a great tragedy. He later finds new friends who with his very old friend, Nala, team up to go back into Pride Rock to take back what belongs to him.

The Lion King Trailer

12 most powerful life lessons from The Lion King

Simba in the Lion King, the lion king lessons

1. Respect is not always reciprocal

The King respected his brother enough to keep him in the kingdom despite the fact that he was a very disloyal and bitter person. One would expect that the least he could do in return is to respect his brother’s territory and space. Instead, he turns on the king, kills him and exiles his son.

I guess we sometimes expect too much from people. The reciprocal law does not apply to everyone. There would be that one person that is always disgruntled no matter the amount of respect you bring to the table.

While you try to respect a bitter person, it is your responsibility to not expect that it will be reciprocal. It is also your responsibility to watch your back in that regard. People who do not care about morals will hurt you and worse, hurt your family.

2. Parenting is a tough job, it requires some wisdom and tact

While I was growing up, I blamed my parents for a whole lot of things. Truth be told, I will never raise my children the way I was raised but one thing I have come to realize and properly understand as I have grown is that parenting is not a walk in the park.

Even the most knowledgeable and intentional parent needs to learn tact and display wisdom, especially when handling children in their formative years. They have not understood to filter so one of the biggest tasks that you have as a parent is to teach them to filter information.

3. “To change the future, you forget the past”

This one quote from The Lion King I held on very close to my dear heart. It is a whole movie on its own. If you are still stuck in the past, still moving on around in bitterness and holding grudges, your speed will be reduced.

The weight of the past is usually heavy so it is just wisest to shed it. You cannot do anything to change what already happened in the past except to go back into the past. And since this isn’t going to happen, you have today.

You can work with what you have now, which is this moment. Now, here, right now. You can change your beliefs, start to believe in yourself and your dreams, be courageous enough to pursue them and begin to chart your life the way you want to.

4. You need your own team

Even loners understand that to get the job done, you need a team, a loyal team. We are built and wired to work with each other to achieve things that are greatly unimaginable.

What we must also understand is that no role is unimportant. The guy who has to sharpen the sword is as important as the guy on the battlefield.

One very big challenge in this regard is choosing your team. How do you pick members of your clique? Consider loyalty and selflessness. Who have you seen go out of their way to make things work? That is one guy you should have and if you can replicate him in different persons, all the better.

5. Who are you?

Understanding who you truly are is the first step to becoming who you should be. Sometimes, we go down into the valley and roll in the dirt with pigs only to have been stripped of our identity.

We must, at every life juncture, understand how important identity is and this isn’t that one thing you can get from people. People can only validate you and that is a choice. They might choose not to.

What do you do when you are left with the man in the mirror? Remember your place and pick your spot.

6. Everybody is somebody even a nobody

Everyone comes with their own uniqueness and beauty. We are all special in our own right. Your gift and talent are never inferior to others no matter how small it seems.

How you manage and handle your gift is what matters. Look at the guy who has to shine shoes, he is a somebody. He only has to recognize that.

The message you preach to yourself is what makes all of the difference. What you tell yourself in the time of your becoming and refining will pull you through to the apex. You matter, no matter what.

7. Hakuna Matata

It means no worries.

I was watching one of Steve Harvey’s shows and a certain lady asked this guy what he would change if he had the power to go back in time.

He said that he would not worry as much as he did when he was much younger. Many of the things that we thought would linger on forever are now history. Some of the things we kept late nights for do not exist anymore.

So, if we must choose to attend to many things in life, worry should not be among. As easy as this is to say, it is in reality very difficult to do but this one thing might help. Trust that in the end, problems pass with time.

In the words of Mark Twain, “I’ve had many worries in my life. Most of which have never happened.”

8. You need a friend who’s going to talk you out of stupidity

There is that one friend that is brutally honest with you and you know it. Sometimes you do not even go to them for advice because you are afraid of what you are going to hear but maybe that is what you should be panting to hear.

Always keep that one friend. The one that exposes your folly to you and does not connive with you to destroy your life. That one friend that will call a spade a spade even if it hurts because it is for your own good in the end.

9. Your time will come, be patient.

Patience is that one virtue men of the earth have been struggling with since forever. We are usually in a rush, in a hurry. We want success now, we want the promotion now. Even if it is not now, it should be very soon.

In life, we are to learn delayed gratification if we must build things unto perfection. We should learn that perfect timing is usually served on a platter of patience.

Things will unfold and everything will be better but until then, be patient and work behind the scenes for your time of revealing.

10. Discernment is a powerful weapon

Walking around without the knowledge of who means well and who doesn’t, who you should trust and who you shouldn’t is as dangerous as setting yourself a trap.

Learning discernment involves being present, patient, mindful and observant. Emotions and sentimentality will not work here. With wisdom, we can keep the enemies away and draw our loyal friends closer.

11. Running away is never the solution

It is usually the easiest solution but it is never ever the best. No matter how much you try to hide it or discard it or pretend it never happened, it is still going to wait for you in the future.

There is no running away from the things that you have to literally deal with so if you are running away, it should be your time away to restrategize and refocus so that you can find perspective and understanding.

12. Maybe marrying your best friend is not a bad idea!

People who say that they cannot marry someone because they are way too close might need to check their assertions, you know. If you cannot find a companion in the person you are planning to spend the rest of your life with, I do not know what you intend to do with life as a whole.

It is just very comfortable to find all the essentials of companionship in that one person that knows how much you hate beans or the extent of sacrifice you can afford to watch The Lion King.

In conclusion, I am glad to have seen The Lion King this year as it has been a total experience for me. Coupled with listening to the Spirit track off Beyonce’s new The Lion King album, it is just so easy to conclude that life is awesome!


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