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The Hate U Give (2018 Movie); Review, Thoughts and Lessons

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I have been sharing my thoughts on some of the scenes in The Hate U Give Movie on my WhatsApp status and Instagram stories. It’s scattered all over and I would love to have them all in a place where I myself can read again.

The last time I did a major lesson round up (apart from this one on Geostorm) was War Room (2015). It managed to go viral without credits to me on most of the blogs. It’s fine though, there will always be thieves. Yeah, if you did and are reading this one now, I said it.

The Hate U Give is such a powerful movie with a powerful story. Ever wonder why I never talk about cinematography and acting in my movie reviews? I just love stories, that’s it.

I want to hear a story and enjoy it. It’s that simple. Whenever you see me analyzing a movie in-depth, I didn’t enjoy the story (most of the time) and I am looking for ways to make up for it. You can, however, read a critic review of The Hate U Give here and here.

The Hate U Give Synopsis

The Hate U Give

Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg) is in between two conflicting worlds, one that is predominantly poor and black and the other, white and wealthy. Her childhood best Friend, Khalil is shot and she happens to be the only witness. Starr struggles with dealing with the loss of her friend, speaking up for him and maintaining the balance between the diversity she is exposed to daily.

The Hate U Give Cast

The Hate U Give movie

Amandla Stenberg as Starr Carter
Regina Hall as Lisa Carter
Russell Hornsby as Maverick Carter
KJ Apa as Chris
Algee Smith as Khalil Harris
Lamar Johnson as Seven Carter
Issa Rae as April Ofrah
Sabrina Carpenter as Hailey
Common as Uncle Carlos
Anthony Mackie as King
TJ Wright as Sekani Carter
Dominique Fishback as Kenya
Megan Lawless as Maya
Tony Vaughn as Mr. Lewis
TJ Wright as Sekani
Rhonda Johnson Dents as Miss Rosalie
Javon Johnson as Pastor Eldridge
Drew Starkey as Cop 115
Joe Hardy Jr. as Cop 115’s Dad

Thoughts and Lessons from The Hate U Give

Khalil got himself killed!

Algee Smith in The Hate U Give

I literally couldn’t wait to say this. Like I shared on Instagram, when you’ve got a chance to save your life use it.

The cop was wrong but so was the situation. That situation was too complex for a white cop to take in all at once. Pulling Khalil over to ask him needless questions was downright terrorism. It was so unfair.

However in life and death situations especially, two wrongs don’t make a right.

This was life and death and there was no need for Khalil to brush his hair. That simple.

Maverick is the example of a father who understands balance

Maverick in The Hate U Give
This scene was so emotional for me. What an awful embarrassment the cops put him through. The only crime he committed was standing up for his daughter,

I like men like Maverick. That man had it tough in life, so much that he swore to make life make better sense to his kids. I would love to marry a good father to our children.

With one hand, he introduced and explained the tough black life, with the other he cuddled them softly. That man was a protector and a provider.

Starr wasn’t communicating well with her friends

Starr and her friends in the hate u give

So, things became politically right or wrong when Hailey began to react to issues that were happening in the community. That was a white girl trying to form her own values and get a hang of where she’s supposed to stand and on whose side she is supposed to be.

She was right! Cops lives matter too. Now, what’s dicey here is that she knew nothing to little of what Starr was going through. Starr was supposed to be able to bear the consequences of being mute. She didn’t deserve that white girl.

Khalil remembered to open the door

Khalil and starr in the car in The Hate U Give

So that scene where shots were fired at the party and Khalil had to help Starr get home was one very sweet one for me. I felt so cherished on behalf of Starr.

I don’t know how many men remember to do the little stuff even when nothing’s up. This dude got her to safety first before going for his door. Of course, Starr reciprocated.

Khalil overdid it in the end. He didn’t have to look in to check if she was okay after he was pulled over by the cop. Needless! And Painful!

Love is a decision

Lisa in the hate u give

Maverick’s mistakes hurt Lisa real bad but she decided that she shared a love that was more than his mistakes. I love the way she took Seven (Perfection) in. He treated that boy like he was her son.

That young dude settled into that family like he was one of them. Only a loving woman can create such an environment. I believe that a woman can dictate the pace at home.

Boyfriends like Chris are scarce

Chris, Starr's boyfriend

It takes a lot for a man to stick around despite a mute girlfriend. Starr wasn’t communicating well, remember I said that earlier.

Of all the people to have shoved aside, her boyfriend wasn’t to be one of them. That dude was persistently loving.

Speaking up always comes at a price

There is always a price for speaking up so you have to decide if you are ready to live with the price or not. Either way, in the end, someone else will speak up. Would it change anything for you to realize that you could have but didn’t? Okay, then, speak up

Favorite Quotes from The Hate U Give

We live in a complicated world.

Violence, brutality. It’s the same story, just a different name.

When you’re ready to talk, you talk. Don’t ever let nobody make you be quiet.

I ain’t named you Starr by accident.

I gave you power in your names … Starr (Light), Seven (Perfection), Sekani (Joy)

It’s about more than just Khalil. It’s about black people, poor people, everybody at the bottom.

T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E – The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody

Amandla Stenberg is so beautiful tho’

Amandla Stenberg

The Hate U Give Movie Trailer

The Hate U Give Movie rating

96% – Rotten Tomatoes
6.7/10 – IMDb
4/5 – Common Sense Media
94% – Google Users


I will see this movie again and again and again. The Hate U Give Movie did it for me. It’s a 95% for me.

Have you seen The Hate U Give Movie yet? I would love to have your thoughts in the comments section.

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