The five skin types and how to care for each

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Your skin needs proper care, and the only way you can give it that is if you know its type. Knowing your skin type helps you know what treatment should be given it.

There are five skin types

Dry skin
Combined/ combination
Oily skin
Normal skin
Sensitive skin

There’s a simple test that will help you know once and for all what type of skin you have.
Start by washing your face at the end of the day to get rid of makeup, dirt and oil build-up. Mop dry and wait about an hour to give your skin the chance to return to its natural state.

Take a lens cleaning cloth or rice paper and go over your face by pressing and then checking the paper.

If the paper becomes see-through, it’s picked up a patch of oil (oily skin). If it picks up small flakes of skin, your skin is dry. If your T-zone (your mid-forehead, nose, high cheeks and chin) area is oily, but the rest of your face isn’t, you’ve got combination skin.

If the oil is all over (another sign is if your skin is shiny), then you guessed it, you’re oily.
Normal skin has neither dry nor oily patches, so your paper should come back looking the way it did before you pressed it down.

Dry skin not only flakes but also feels tight, can have red patches or look ashy, so look closely.

Sensitive skin will leave you with a clean piece of paper, but is prone to breakouts and rashes with changes of cosmetics or skincare products.

You can also take this quiz to know your skin type 



Normal skin is smooth and has a uniformed colour. But it has to be treated too.
It should be cleansed once in a day. Application of day and night moisturizer should be done ritually.

Exfoliate once in a week. Since normal skin isn’t really picky about product used, any good preferably natural product should do.


Combo skin needs to be treated differently in different areas. If your T-zone (or other areas of your face) produce more oil, it will help to use a toner over those areas after you cleanse. Moisturize dry areas with intense moisturizer. You can also use a bi-weekly moisturizing mask to combat dryness. If your combo skin is oil and normal instead of dry, use a basic moisturizer on normal areas.


Similar to dry patches on combination skin, use an intense moisturizer every day along with once-daily cleansing. Do not use toner, it could dry your skin out more. Exfoliate weekly. It will help remove dead flake buildup. Too much exfoliation will make the flakes worse tho, so make it once a week. Hot water also tends to dry skin out, so when you can, use lukewarm or cold water. A weekly cooling, hydrating mask will help get rid of irritation and redness caused by dryness.


It doesn’t help to add excess oil and moisture to skin that’s already oily. That’s why you should use a cleanser made for oily skin, oil free moisturizers and a weekly clay mask that will help in absorbing excessive oil. Exfoliating your oily skin the right way is also a good way to clear up your skin, pores deep and free up the clogs of constant dirt that stay in there. Read up this blog post on how to exfoliate your skin correctly.


Sensitive skin is more about what you don’t use than what you use.
Use natural products for cleansing and moisturizing. Avoid products that contains alcohol,fragrance, parabens and dye.
See a dermatologist to know exactly what to use and what to avoid.

The skin is the part of our body that is mostly exposed to the eyes of many. A good skin will always speak good of you. What is your skin type?
Take care of you??

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