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The best music review website for 2019

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If anyone were to have within their reach, some sort of website beyond music listings and downloads, I think it would be a music review website. No doubt, that’s another level of music finesse.

The best music review website is capable of bringing to you just about everything you need to either fall in love with a particular album or simply decide that it’s not worth it. Call it your decision maker for sounds, yes, you are right.

Music is far beyond the lyrics and the sound. Sometimes you want to be sure it is even worth your while in the first place. How else, than with a music review website.

If we were to go back in time, all we had was an audio player and a cassette. We progressed to CDs but the internet didn’t get involved until we began to nurse the idea of sharing music.

That anyone could download songs on their phones, share with friends and even delete after tirelessly playing a track over and over to exhaustion was a big breakthrough. A bigger one is the springing up of music review websites.

I mean, what more could we ask for. The first time I heard that people actually write album and track reviews, I marveled. What better time to be alive than now?

A few times, I have had to stumble on music review websites and I am glad I did. They are not as rampant as the download sites that we have all scattered around every corner of the internet but if you check, you will find really cool music review websites to help you decide what’s worth a buy and an ear.

Here are a few things to look out for in a music review website.

If you ever think of actually looking through websites for reviews and thoughts about a recent album or track, here’s how to decide if what they think counts.

1. The best music review site is clean

You probably don’t think much of this but here’s what I think of sites that do not have a good and clean music structure – they are not trustworthy. I think you can guess what anyone is up to by how much work they put into their craft.

This is something I love about That’s one hell of a clean, organized, properly structured music review website. I would choose this site over and over.

While I was in a heated discussion with a fellow Blogger, he mentioned that as long as he could make some serious bucks off his blog, he doesn’t care with his readers think. You know, I really do not have to know him personally. If I viewed his blog as a third party, his site sucks as much as his orientation.

So if they don’t give you good user experience, you can’t trust their opinion about a song. They probably are living to make money off your indiscretion. Don’t waste your time.

2. A music review website that’s worth your subscription is current

Sure, they can afford to post reviews of songs our fathers in the fifth generation listened too but is there some cool new song reviews?

We don’t want reviewers sleeping on a bike. This is how we know that they know what we want. If you know what I want, I can guarantee that you are willing to give me the best and unbiased music review.

Albums that are released a few days earlier and even music albums that have not been launched are reviewed on the best music review websites. You can bank on people who not only try to stay in the look but actually do stay in the loop.

3. Album and track reviews are unbiased

Sometimes you never know for sure if writers of a music review site are biased or not so you may want to try out free access if it’s subscription based.

Even if it’s an entirely free music review site, no one wants to spend 5 minutes of their day reading crap. is the most undiluted of music review website I have ever read.

With seasoned and professional writers, they do a fine job at giving you an objective view of a sound and everything that comes with it. As far as I can tell, I can make a purchasing decision from anything I read from in there.

4. You can find about any kind of music in a good music review sites

The best music review site gives you everything. What genre do you know, do not know or may never hear about in a decade to come, they have it all. You are never stranded on a music review site that knows what it is doing at all.

If you can find album reviews of motion picture soundtracks, you have found the best music review website. No kidding! Oh well, Vibbidi has that and in essence, my favorite movie soundtracks.

The Greatest Showman movie soundtrack reviews was one I particularly enjoyed in the pack. The writer didn’t even need to see the movie to make such a professional and brilliantly written review of each of the tracks in the album.

5. They pant for feedback

Music sites are the most reckless niches I have ever seen in the entire space. Shoving new songs down my throat is not as annoying as turning off the comments section.

I think if you want to know what anyone thinks of your scoring, you should ask. But of course, with the recent music sites springing up every day, feedback barely matters.

So, bookmark a music site that allows you to say what you think. Isn’t that the point of it all? That everyone is sure of what they are to expect from a melody?

What music review website is your favorite? Have you tried any new one recently? You can also check out my music review website recommendation to be sure you are not missing out on the best stuff the internet is giving these days.

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