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Taxify Nigeria, More Than Just An App

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Taxify is a popular transportation online network that allows you to order or request a taxi through the Taxify app.

The Taxify app is available on Android phones, iPhones, and Windows phones. All you have to do is download the app from your phone’s store.

The aim of Taxify is to make transportation easier and hailing of taxis less stressful for people. Having a taxi from the Taxify app is very easy for anyone to do. All you need is to download the app from your phone’s online store, register your account, make a request on the App and ride!

Taxify has been in the business of connecting riders and drivers to each other since 2013. Taxify was founded by Markus Villig. This transportation network company is present not only in Estonia where it was launched and not only in Lagos, Nigeria but in up to 50 countries all over the world.

Taxify operates in six continents of the world including West Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and Australia. Taxify is a transport company you can trust to not disappoint when you need them the most. They have been in the business for over 5 years and have up to 15 million customers all over the world! They also have over 500,000 drivers available in different world cities. Amazing right?

Taxify in Lagos

Taxify is present in Africa and Lagos is one of the cities in Africa that Taxify operates. How Lucky Lagos is! This will afford Lagosians the luxury of hailing a taxi cab of their choice to their desired destination whether for a business appointment or for social purposes.

How to use the Taxify Service

Step 1.
Download the Taxify App from Google play store, if you are using an Android phone or you can download from the Apple or Windows store if you use an iPhone or Windows phone.

Step 2.
Register as a taxi rider with the required information inputs.

Step 3.
Make a request of the kind of car you want to ride in that fits your budget and then state the location you are going to.

Step 4.
Watch your driver as they arrive to pick you through the Taxify map available on the App.

Step 5.
Pay and rate your driver. You have to choose between cash payments, credit cards, or any other payment method specified on the App. You can also rate the driver and pay through the Taxify app.

So, there you go! Simple, fast and easy! Taxify obviously will make your trips around Lagos more bearable, enjoyable and will save you time and energy from jumping the yellow Lagos buses. Taxify is worth your money, and trial!

Advantages to using Taxify in Lagos

1. Taxify is so reliable.
One internet transport Company you can trust is Taxify. The company is so reliable in bringing affordable rides down to you. Taxify allows you to see the driver’s contact details, so you can speak to them before they come to pick you up. You can also rate your driver before you ride.

2. Taxify Cars/Taxis accept credit cards.
Unlike many Lagos rides which are heavily cash transaction based, Taxify is credit and cash approved simultaneously. So, no need to carry your cash around once you have your credit card, you can pay even before your ride and right after it. You can also link your credit card to the Taxify app.

3. Taxify allows you very convenient transportation for trips around Lagos.
Apart from the BRT buses provided by the Lagos State government and a few metro taxis, it is hard to find a convenient ride in Lagos. The yellow buses are usually packed to the brim with people. But Taxify allows you to enjoy a very comfortable and relaxing trip down to your business appointment, social outings and so on.

How To Register as a Driver for Taxify in Lagos

So, maybe you are not a rider but you want to know how to apply to Taxify as a driver, then this section is just for you. In order to be a Taxify driver, you need to meet certain requirements. Some of the requirements are:

1. You must have a valid driver’s license.
2. Your vehicle must be registered in Nigeria.
3. You must have proof of motor insurance for your vehicle with an insurance company.
4. You must have clean criminal records.
5. You must have enough driving experience.
6. Your vehicle must meet specific requirements.
7. You must also be of a certain age to be able to drive.

Once you’ve checked and seen that you meet the requirements, go on to the “Taxify Driver sign up page” to register yourself as a driver. After registration, you will receive an invitation to attend the onboarding session. The onboarding session is for your training so you have to be there.

Their office is at plot 9, Professor Gabriel Olusanya street, Elf Bus-stop, Lekki phase 1, Lagos state.
You will also have your vehicle/vehicles (if you have a fleet of more than 3 cars), inspected at any of the Taxify AutoGenius inspection center.

Note: When you are going for the onboarding/training sessions, you should come along with your along with your valid Nigerian driver’s license, valid AutoGenius inspection report and a vehicle license. You can also give their office a call during OFFICE HOURS on 08021818881 to inquire more.

Note: As a driver, you will need to be careful as there have been cases of drivers’ assault by passengers in Lagos.

Fact: It is confirmed that Taxify is far more affordable than Uber. So, if you want affordable transportation, go for Taxify.

If you want a Taxify ride, just download the App and you are good! If you want to be a Taxify driver, follow the guidelines outlined above or visit Taxify Lagos official website for more.


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