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Visit Tarkwa Bay Beach For The Perfect Getaway Experience

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Tarkwa Bay Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Lagos and in Nigeria as a whole. Tarkwa Bay Beach is a sheltered beach located at Atlas Clove at Tarkwa Bay, Apapa, Lagos.

This Beach is very popular in its environs and lots of swimmers, divers and water enthusiasts visit this Beach regularly to practice their swimming skills and also to have fun. The people of the Tarkwa vicinity are very friendly and welcoming, you will have no problem with hospitality.

Tarkwa Bay island is not close to the busy areas of Lagos that are quite noisy and crowded. The residential area where Tarkwa Bay Beach is located is very quiet and calm.

This Beach makes for a perfect get-away for a couple, best friends, or a family for a relaxing outing. Because Tarkwa Bay Beach is on an island, you will enjoy the boat cruise from the Lagos mainland to the Lagos Tarkwa Bay as the boat cruise allows you to see some parts of Lagos in their glamour.

This article aims to give you all the information you need to know about Tarkwa Bay Beach and what to know while visiting.

Direction To Tarkwa Bay Beach.

You should know as stated earlier, that you cannot reach Tarkwa Bay by land. You have to take a boat or a ferry because it is located on an island. Due to this, you have to board a boat from Lagos Island, to get to Tarkwa Bay Beach. One if the common places to board a boat on the Island are;

1. Mekewe Jetty,
2. Tarzan Marine Services,
3. Marina (CMS).

If we are taking a boat from Marina (CMS), the boat ride costs ₦1,500 to and fro for one person. The ride could last up to 30 minutes.

If you are boarding from Tarzan Marine Services, the cost for the boat ride to and fro is ₦2,000, the ride could last up to 25 minutes.

From Mekwe Jetty on Lagos Island, you can also board a speed boat to Tarkwa Bay.

If you are coming from outside the Lagos Island, board a BRT bus to CMS, once you alight at CMS, board a bus of just ₦50 going to Victoria Island and stop at the junction called Police Checkpoint. You can also ask the bus driver to drop you where a ferry will be accessible for you to board. Tarkwa Bay is easy to locate, just make sure you ask for directions.

Activities to do at the Tarkwa Bay Beach.

1. Swim, Surf, and play with the waves.

One of the fun things about Beaches is the sight of the vast sea. If you don’t live near an island, then you definitely aren’t used to seeing sucha vast amount of water in one place. On Tarkwa Bay, you get to play with the crashing waves that is, if you are scared of swimming, or even surf or swim in the water if you are a water sports pro! Exciting ain’t it?

2. Relax at the Beach.

Apart from playing around with the water, you can also just rent a chair, a table, and a shed/canopy and relax. Watch the waves, feel the breeze, enjoy the rare feeling of Beach sand underneath your feet and in between your toes. If you are with a partner, enjoy the romantic quiet time with your lover. Just enjoy the sights. Who told you that you have to swim in the water before you can have fun? If you are even more playful, build Sandcastles and pick big Sea shells!

3. Tour the Tarkwa Bay Community/Village.

So, the less talked about aspect of Tarkwa Bay Beach is the village at the beach. There is a whole village at Tarkwa Bay with an increasing population and distinct lifestyle. Get to know the community, look around the place. Visit their bars, their traders, communicate and socialize if you are the social type. Relate with the community and get to know them. You never can tell.

4. Eat and drink to your satisfaction.

Who doesn’t love good food? Everyone does! You can eat grilled fish, drink gins, beers, soft drinks, enjoy the coconut juice that is unique to Tarkwa Bay Beach. You can also pack your own lunch and enjoy it with your family or loved ones while at the beach. There are not many food vendors at the beach, but there are lots of drink vendors!

5. Play volleyball at the beach Volleyball court.

Tarkwa Bay Beach has a volleyball court where you can play volleyball with whoever you came with. Volleyball is not hard to play at all. You also get to make the rules of your game. What’s not to give it a try? You will find a ball at the beach and play with your friends and family too! Volleyball at the beach is pure fun!

The best time to visit Tarkwa Bay Beach.

Tarkwa Bay Beach is best visited on Weekdays. It really depends on what you want. If you like the crowds and people at the beach, then visit on weekends and during festive periods like December. But if you want a quiet and romantic time with your lover, your best bet is weekdays like Mondays. The beach won’t be crowdy at all and you get what you want.

Also, you might want to stay away from the beach on rainy days or during rainy periods like June and July months of the year. These periods are the rainy times of the Nigerian/ Lagos climate and the beach is a bit boring and annoying when you visit it when it is raining. Also, the Sea could be wild during raining times.

What to Wear to Tarkwa Bay Beach

Wear something light to Tarkwa Bay Beach. This is so that you can enjoy the breeze on your skin well, enjoy the feel of the Beach sand on your skin, and not spoil your cloth in the water. You can wear Bikinis, shorts, mini skirts, beach shirts, and any of the beachwear you choose. You are free to wear whatever you want to wear.

How Much You Will Likely Need at Tarkwa Bay.

The entrance fee to Tarkwa Bay Beach is ₦200.

The boat or ferry fee could be anything from ₦1,000 to ₦2,000 to and fro.

Tents costs ₦300,

Chair costs ₦300,

Water sachet costs ₦10,

Coconut juice costs ₦200,

Beach volleyball court entry costs ₦1,000,

Grilled fish costs ₦1,000.

Make your trip cost estimation from the listed prices above.


Tarkwa Bay Beach should be on your bucket list of cool places to visit in Lagos. It is very affordable to visit and you get to enjoy yourself to the maximum. From the amazing boat ride experience to the relaxing effect on the beach.

Tarkwa Bay Video || Deola Mako

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