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Tampons vs pads: I asked my friends on social media

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Tampons vs pads have been a long-standing issue and so out of curiosity, I took to my social media channels to ask if my friends were comfortable using tampons. Trust me, the responses were just beautiful. Some were very enlightening and informative, some, very hilarious.

The tampon subject was a very awesome topic to discuss as people shared their opinions so freely you would wonder why we don’t talk more about girly stuff. It felt like a safe place to talk about things they would rather wonder about. Very nice experience it was.

I recently began to workout and twice since I have started, I have been on my period. It was not funny fam. In fact, on the second occasion of my monthly period, I scraped off workout totally. I just couldn’t handle the mess. It made me very uncomfortable. Speaking of menstrual hygiene and the burden of sweat mixed with blood!

In a bid to solve this issue once and for all, I began to brainstorm how to make this a better experience for me. Then, I thought of tampons! My next monthly period is still a while away but I am making sure to use this. I just need to try this and decide if I am going to switch from pads to tampons or just stick with my beloved ultra-thin menstrual pads. 

In the least, I will have my own personal, first-hand opinion of tampons. I mentioned on my Instagram that one of the major reasons I have never used a tampon is because I am partly scared that it might get lost in there and I might have complications. Thankfully, they say that doesn’t happen. 

What of my dryness, how does the tampon push past that? Oh, we haven’t talked about blood clots. One of the commenters mentioned that it just sticks on the tampons though. I am pretty excited to try this out!

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Tampon vs pad: Are you comfortable using tampons?

@firesign68 – I am 51 yrs old, & I haven’t used a sanitary pad since I was 15. I still bleed once a month, I’ve always used tampon #bestthingever

@favie_ogbonnaya – Tampons can be really comfortable. I have them but have never tried using them. Just like anything else, it has its disadvantages. For example, with pads, the issues are; rashes, itching and a feeling of wearing a diaper.

You would also in many cases be worried about getting stained. These are minor and manageable issues. But with Tampons, you would worry less about stains, itch and rashes which are great, however, there’s a tendency to forget them inside you because when you really find the right size for you, it makes you so relaxed and probably even forgetful.

Also, the downside is that one of its complications is the possibility of causing Sepsis and Toxic Shock Syndrome. (Of course, it doesn’t in many cases). But there is a risk of such occurrence.

@yimimka – I have never used one before, but I would stick to my sanitary pad.

@oluwanifesimi28 – I used it in addition to sanitary pads when my period became too heavy for pads. They were really comfortable and easy to use. I dumped tampons when I discovered menstrual cups.

@yele.writes – I became a #tamprincess and I’m not going back. I use Tampax. I plan on exploring other brands soon. It’s very comfortable and convenient. I don’t always have to bother about rash and pad allergy anymore. Before I started using it, my fear was about blood clots and how they will come off.

Funny enough, the clots just gum body and come out. BTW, one of the weird feelings I savour is the point of pulling out a filled tampon. E dey sweet me.

@onipamilerin – Oh no, I have never even tried using it before

@faiths_pen – Only heard the word, ‘tampon’ in class. Never seen it. Never used it. I’m cool with sanitary pads.

@babychefng – Never used one

@innytom – Funny enough I used to have this fear of using a tampon, not until last month’s flow I decided to try it out, trust me it’s felt greatly comfy @it than pad#have then on my office Drawer #TamponAllTheWay

@chocoleny – What is a tampon? Definitely not comfy for me from what I have read, inserting it, not seen it nor used it, don’t think I will

@cidehameteberengeli – Feel comfortable with them, no leakage! I am shaved down there and no smell!

@oizamsi_blog – Mi o try e ri. 😂I just feel like what are we putting inside there nitori olorun?

@adifferentshe – Never tried it, I keep forgetting to buy one so I can try it. My friends that use it swear never to go back to pads

@protect_and_serve_her – Obgyns don’t like to recommend tampons because a woman’s body is designed naturally to release those toxins. With a tampon, you are pluging those toxins back up. Causing backflow of bacteria and other serious issues.

@the_ada_eze_nna – Trying it once in a while. Still getting used to the feel but damn, they’re so effective.

@laurinanuel – Extremely comfortable with it but then it can uncomfortable too when using it for long as it makes the vagina dry. So what I do is, I use for the first two or three days and then the remaining days I use pads. I like the fact that I can roll up anyhow on my bed and when I go to pee I don’t get to smell the blood and heat 🙂

@phoenix.eko – I’ve used it but not anymore

@growingwomanblog – Noooo!! It’s too scary! 😥Your caption says all the reasons why I don’t.

@thatgiftedgirl_ –  Nope, never tried it, always has my heart forever ❤️

@properedowoman_ – I haven’t used it

@nekiss83 – I discovered it years ago and I’ve never regretted it. There’s no fear, it has a rope you’ll use to pull it out. I can exercise, swim, sleep without worrying about stain or any period blood smell. The best, for me.

@amohuni – It’s very comfortable once your body adjusts to it. You just have to get a size that works best for you so you won’t feel uncomfortable.

@msnunupops – Me too🙌 I’m so scared of fatally injuring my family jewel 😂

@olotufunke – I tried it one time, I was walking like there was dick inside me

@fay_bola – No ohh, head stories of people getting sepsis from not either forgetting it in or leaving it for too long. The fact that that’s a possibility makes it a no for now.

@olufunmbi_purpose – Never seen, never used, never thought of practicing

@maryamnitttywall – I’m scared too oo! I don’t think I can risk it.

Magdalene Nganga Joseph


I haven’t used one before. I have lots of positive reviews and negative ones too. I heard about the pain of insertion. And I heard about the peeing problem. But I’ll have to try one out to have an opinion myself.

Oyindamola Adeogun

No. The first and second time I tried it, I couldn’t walk well. I was too conscious that I had something in there. And I drink water a lot, which I pee always. I felt messy about it sincerely. Unlike the regular pads, except I need to change ,shower or in pains that I remember there is something there.

Osibajo Esther Toluwalope

I can’t use it at all. I tried using tissue and it fell off not to talk of tampoon.

Adebayo Oluwatimilehin Ayobami

Never tried any and I’m scared to do the same just like u are.

Adebayo Oluwatimilehin Ayobami ooooooh I see. Your name too was masculine in a way

Adenike Superb Adeniyi

Never tried it. Could not even insert it. It was too painful.

My tampon resolution

Yes, I hear that there are some tampon side effects but really, it doesn’t look as though menstrual pads do not on their own have side effects too. I did a few searches on basic things I need to know about tampoons like tampon brands I can find in Nigeria, how to use a tampon correctly and well, tampon side effects (ignorance is not sexy after all).

It was during this search I found out that there are debates around tampon disposal. It was interesting to know that while I am here fighting for basic lifestyle amenities like electricity and water, some people somewhere are debating about whether or not you should flush tampons.

In the meantime, this video on how to use a tampon is on repeat.

How to use a tampon


Featured image is a photo by Getty Image on Good House keeping

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