Taking a break

I’m Taking A Break Around Here

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Guys, I want to put my life in order. I’m not quite happy with many things and I feel that it’s going to reflect in many posts if I don’t find some peace for myself. I am therefore taking a break around here.

While on this blogging break, I want to learn how to:

1. work and stay slaying under work pressure. I work at a startup and as you can imagine already, it’s a very dynamic environment. Roles are switching fast, projects are expected to fasten up else we don’t achieve much. It’s a very challenging environment but I tell you, it has propelled me unto growth so far.

2. avoid having clients that won’t pay up. I’m going to take some strict measures here. Business isn’t going to be as usual. My time will equal your ‘hard earned’ money, else I’ll pass. You can move on to the next person.

I am also going to put all my debtors in prayers. May they find the grace to pay me my money. May future debtors lose my phone number and never remember my name in Jesus’ name.

3. take great photos. A little bit of photography and some good ‘ol styling techniques. I am hoping to come back here to revive my style segment.

4. manage my finances. I have taken some really nasty financial decisions in the past 2-3 months and it has affected me very negatively. I want to learn how to keep my money in my pocket and spend it only when necessary. Constantly being broke is very irresponsible.

5. thoroughly enjoy singleness. I know that the work-life balance thing isn’t always realistic but I feel that I am losing out on so many things. I want to go out more, plan for myself some fun times, honour dates and stop running the hell away. Men don’t bite, I think.

While on break, a few sponsored posts might go up. I am just going to copy and paste their Ad posts, that’s all. I won’t be writing or anything. I also don’t know for how long I will be gone. 2 weeks, 1 month, I really don’t know.

Thank you for being here every time. I love you.

Sharing is caring!

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