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Nara by Tim Godfrey ft. Travis Greene

DOWNLOAD & LYRICS: Nara by Tim Godfrey ft Travis Greene

Nara by Tim Godfrey featuring Travis Greene Tim Godfrey has released his most anticipated song of the year, Nara. For the first time, we hear Travis Greene sing in Igbo and that for sure thrilled Nigerians. In no time, Nara which means “Accept my thanks” began to trend on YouTube as of yesterday. DOWNLOAD GOSPEL …


Fearless Worship Album: Tim Godfrey Releases Track List

Since the announcement of The Fearless Concert, the Fearless Worship Album became the most anticipated gospel album of the year 2017 in not only Nigeria but in the entirety of Africa. I mean, Kirk Franklin had been featured in that concert! “Fearless WRSHP” is by the multi talented gospel singer Tim Godfrey and its track …