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…On the brief unavailability of the Facebook-owned trio

‘Brief’ here being very relative. I was going to spray some red hot sauce on my Whatsapp status when I realized that the Universe wouldn’t approve. Shame. Coincidentally, I was having the same issues with my Instagram. These were two different platforms so I concluded that it was a network glitch. I absolutely forgot that …

Social Media Expert, Glowville launches his new book
Social Media

Popular Social Media Expert, Glowville launches his new book

PR Executive and Social Media Strategist, Olumide Lawrence declares that there is a clear difference popularity and having influence on social media as he releases his first book titled – Building A Social Empire (B.A.S.E), in Lagos, Nigeria. In his speech, the social media expert said: “Some people have popularity but have no influence. When …

Social Media

Enhance and boost your brand’s social media presence now!

There is no gainsaying the fact that Social Media has become a viable and all important market place that you cannot ignore in this age. There is a need for flexibility and inventiveness in the way businesses are promoted, which in turn affects how customers or potential customers respond. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, mention it, are …