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Hair breakage : Easy ways to avoid this on your natural hair

Many of us know that hair breakage is     a common problem with naturalists, and we know the common saying “prevention is better than cure” cannot be more true. Finding how to avoid hair breakage is therefore a paramount thing on our minds aside from other hair issues Most times we’re exposed to finding cure for things we can just prevent.Let’s see ways we can prevent hair breakage. *REMOVE SPLIT OR DEAD ENDS OF HAIR Getting the split or dead end trimmed does not affect hair growth. It however gives strength and thickness to hair. *DON’T COMB HAIR WET The hair is in its weakest state when wet and can therefore break easily. *USE LESS HEAT ON HAIR High heat or frequent heat application on hair causes irrevocable damage and breaks hair. Things like flat tongs, hot rollers, blow dryer etc should be used only on special occasions or not …

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How To Keep Your Braids Neat And Last Longer As A Naturalista

Hi guys (of course I’m talking to ’em ladies). Trust you’ve been good. How’s the weather treating you? Fair? Fine? Cool? Anyway, it’s been a mixed one here( I’ll tell you how if you want to know sha). OK, I know as a naturalista (as we the natural hair slayers are called), there’s this great …