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best foundation for oily skin- Dimma Umeh

Choosing the Best Foundation for Your Skin (A Complete Guide)

There is an obvious reason why foundation is called foundation and that’s because it is the foundation of your makeup. Choosing the best foundation for full coverage is therefore one of the most important aspects of makeup shopping. You miss the best foundation for you and you have a hard time balancing with the correct …


Must-have things in your manicure/ pedicure kit

Hello Ladies? Do you have a manicure/pedicure kit? What are its contents? Let’s see the basic things that must be found in our manicure/pedicure kit Nail file- Gives shape to nails Nail scissors/clipper/cutter- Trims excess nails Nail buffer- Used in polishing nails surface Nail brush- For washing of nails Cuticle pusher/cleaner- Cleans and arranges nail beds …

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