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Great Business Tips For Nigerian Female Entrepreneurs

Ayomide Condotti, CEO, Africholidays Travel Group Ever since the economy of the country took a downward plunge into recession, the amount of job losses and business closures have been off-the-chart. Now, more than ever, the need for a self-employed business is great as Nigerian firms are not able to employ the massive number of graduates …


How to start a business with no financial capital

When it comes to startups and essentially funding a business, especially a new business, people complain about the lack of sponsorship. They prospect how much easier it would be if there was enough financial capital. A lot of business startup owners spend more than half of their business preparatory time looking for money. They apply …

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Successful Female Business Owner?

Yes, you want to start and run your own business but do you have what is required to run the business profitably? Well here are some tips and hints that would help you ascertain if your chosen line of business would be a hit or if it would flop. What Do You Enjoy Doing? We …