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3 Successful Bloggers on how they drive traffic to their blogs and make money from it

I asked three successful Bloggers to share some very profound blogging tips with me so that I can in turn share with you. These Bloggers have been able to whip out success from their blogs and most of all, they enjoy blogging so much that you cannot help but be curious. I had the privilege …

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3 Things I would say to a Blogger who wants to start making money from their blog

We used to have to convince people that it is possible to make money from your blog and that people, actual human beings, human beings in flesh and blood make money from their blogs. Some people are still in denial, others are wondering how it works, some others know that this is the case and …

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How to Receive Payment From Google AdSense in Nigeria

Well for you to begin considering how to receive Google Adsense payment in Nigeria, you must have registered with Google AdSense and had your blog all set up and running with Ads. If Google AdSense approval is still a problem for you, read my article here on how to have Google AdSense approved quickly. The …

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