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best foundation for oily skin- Dimma Umeh

Choosing the Best Foundation for Your Skin (A Complete Guide)

There is an obvious reason why foundation is called foundation and that’s because it is the foundation of your makeup. Choosing the best foundation for full coverage is therefore one of the most important aspects of makeup shopping. You miss the best foundation for you and you have a hard time balancing with the correct …


Nivea Natural Fairness Review: Everything You Need to Know

On Instagram, I have become the “official ambassador” for Nivea Natural Fairness. You should see the way I talk about this lotion like I am the co-owner. This has stemmed from the fact that I have waited so long to find what compliments my skin so well. Combining Nivea Natural Fairness lotion with my newly …


Review: Absolute New York HD Flawless Loose Setting Powder

Okay, this is my first beauty product review. I would like to start proper reviews of products that really really make me happy and I am starting with Absolute New York HD Flawless Loose Setting Powder – Brightening Banana. If you go through many of the posts in the beauty segment of my blog, you’ll …


These Vaseline beauty hacks will make you hoard Vaseline

Some months ago on Lagos Talks, Vaseline beauty hacks was a subject. I enjoyed it, was even amazed at some of the hacks. Beauty hacks, when you know them save the day. And the fact that they can also extend the functionality of some of these common household items, wow. Vaseline isn’t usually something a …