Style 101: How not to look like a lost frog on heels

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Heels are gradually becoming a wardrobe staple, no doubt. Ladies everywhere are trying to learn how to walk comfortably in heels. Here are seven tips to help you rock heels with style:


-walk tall. You should not slouch or bend. You are on heels, your height shouldn’t reduce, it should increase.
-maintain your normal walking posture. Walking on heels helps you walk stylishly. Your hips are automatically swayed sideways as you take each step. There is an unwavering air of confidence around you.
-If you are a learner, walk slowly. Nobody is pursuing you. You want to walk on heels like a pro? Do that in your house so that you have people to pick you up and tell you ‘sorry’ when you inevitably fall down. So, reduce your walking pace or speed and take your time. There is no shame in that.
– for starters, do not be on the heels for long. A wise lady is calculative. I mean, this is Nigeria where not all our roads are smooth. You will agree with me that no matter how comfortable and perfectly fitting your heels are, after a long while it begins to pinch you somewhere. It could be an ankle discomfort, it could be an uncomfortable toe squeeze.The secret to walking gracefully in heels

-your heels will force your strides to be shorter, do not work against that. You are supposed to walk comfortably, remember? So, take those short strides easily and effortlessly.
-if you are going to walk as normally as possible, you will have to walk from heel to toe. When you are on flats, the reason why you don’t look awkward is because you start from your heel and then land on your toe. If you do the opposite just because you are on heels, you will most definitely look like a lost frog.
-lastly, shop smart. Make sure that the heels perfectly fit you. You gotta be careful around peep and open toe heels. Closed pumps are usually easier to shop. Walk around the shoe shop. If possible, do some dancing and turning and whatever you think you may have to do when you are on it. If the seller is an impatient person, please leave the shop, shikena.
If you are going to be wearing heels often, practise, practise, practise. However, for orthopaedic reasons, we all know that we shouldn’t make wearing heels an habit. I hope this helps. Any questions?

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