Stop trying to please everyone. It never really works.

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stop trying to please everyone

You know what’s so beautiful about we humans? We want to be accepted, by all means, by everybody. Yeah, right there! That’s where the issue lies. Everybody.

Everyone, everything, anything you can think of in life has their audience. This is what that means- not everyone can relate to everything that is currently happening. Have you wondered why I don’t care about who plays for arsenal? I really don’t want to know.


This is not me trying to be weird. This is me being me. I don’t like football. I however have friends, female friends even, who are so passionate about football that they would skip a meal to watch a match. Jeez!

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This is because even as much as football is loved by many, it has its own audience and oh my my, that does not include me, and my sister, and one of my close friends, and my mum (I don’t think she knows there is a sport like that, or is it a game? Whatever. )

You have your own audience, the type of people that will naturally feel comfortable with your personality, your vision, your goals, your behavior, your expressions. No matter what you do and how you do it, some people are just not going to like you. Stop trying to make them. Stop trying to make them like you.

Really, stop trying to please everyone. Find your comfortable group and nurture them. In trying to get everyone to like you, you waste time, resources, energy, effort. You lose yourself in trying to please everyone. Stop it. It never really works.

Focus on your thing, mind your business, feed your relationships, have fun, be yourself, work on your self esteem, discover yourself, dream all you want and love as recklessly as your heart can permit.

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