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Stella Dimoko Korkos : Biography, Blog, pictures and SDK blog and app

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All About SDK blog

Stella Dimoko Korkos is a very popular news/celebrity/gossip Blogger in Nigeria. She runs her popular blog, (a.k.a sdk blog) from Germany. It is definitely not an easy feat as she has to try to collate news, information and gossip from back here in Nigeria and all around the world.

She is one of the most controversial Bloggers in Nigeria and she doesn’t hide the fact that inasmuch as what she blogs might pose challenges, she would always say it as it is.

Stella Dimoko originally started out as an offline/print journalist. She has always had a blog before Stella Dimoko, sdk blog. Apparently, the blog wasn’t as successful, so she closed it down for the one she currently runs.

As a print journalist, she always had to compile news and other stuff offline. Somehow she made up her mind, quit that and moved on to online journalism where she began to focus fully on her blog.

One of the benefits of being a print journalist before an online journalist is that you are prepared to take on the role effortlessly.

Stella Dimoko Korkos (SDK) Biography

Stella Dimoko Korkos was born in Lagos. She attended the University of Benin where she graduated with a degree in Linguistics with English as a reference. Due to so many challenges Stella Dimoko had as a student she came out of school with a third class degree.

She claims that it could have been worse because she was a victim of sexual victimization in the University. Her fear was not graduating with a Pass.

In 2004, Stella Dimoko moved from Nigeria to Germany after getting married to her husband, Stephen Korkos in 2003.

Stella started writing from a very tender age. She was known to compose and write comeback stinkers to people with whom she had quarrels with back then in school. She originally wanted to work in the bank. Somehow, her dream of becoming a bank employee did not work out.

Worthy of note is that Stella Dimoko is very private about her family as you rarely get to know much about her children. Till date, even Stella Dimoko’s age is undisclosed.

Stella Dimoko Korkos’ Blog (SDK BLOG)

One very loud fact is that I like Bloggers who work hard. Blogging in Nigeria is not as easy as it sounds especially if you are trying to build influence from scratch and make a name for yourself. Stella Dimoko’s Blog, SDK blog could almost pass as a multi-niched/general blog as it features a lot of segments.

Some of the categories on Sdk Blog include but are not limited to Labour Drama, Celebrities gossip, Omugwo chronicles, Chronicle of blog visitor narrative, In house News, lifestyle, celebrity gossip, news, entertainment, fashion etc.

Stella Dimoko Korkos Rumour Has It is probably one of her hit segment on her blog as it bears gossip and various celebrity gist. Talk about what Nigerians thrive on and enjoy. Without a doubt, SDK blog is currently in direct competition with Linda Ikeji’s Blog. Stella Dimoko says that what people perceive as an unhealthy feud between her and Linda Ikeji is actually healthy and expected competition.

She also emphasizes on the fact that her background in journalism has helped become a better news Blogger.


Stella Dimoko Korkos Blog, has an app, SDK app which helps you stay abreast of news from different categories like entertainment, world, sports, technology, celebrity gossip and a lot more published on the sdk blog.

SDK app reviews unlike sdk blog have been entirely negative. Popular complaints are that the app is slow, laden with too many annoying ads and majorly just irrelevant.

Stella Dimoko Korkos (SDK) Pictures

Stella Dimoko
Stella Dimoko on braids
Stella Dimoko and husband

Stella Dimoko Korkos

Stella Dimoko Korkos (SDK) is one of the women we celebrate today. What do you like about her?

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