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10 Ways to stay healthy even as a busy person

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I have come to understand that it doesn’t matter how busy you claim to be, if you do not try to stay and keep healthy, you will put your body under so much pressure that it won’t work for you. If your body eventually begins to revolt, you would have succeeded in deterring that one thing that is supposed to support your grind and hustle.

I have been guilty of falling short several times. This is not me coming to sound like madam perfect in the healthy quest.

In fact, one time I had to do a serious audit of my life, choices, and patterns. I knew for a fact that if I continued like that on account of my busy schedule, I was going to break down and not even have the opportunity to be busy anymore.

You guessed right, what’s the point of all that work? I have tried a few things to keep me in check while I go all about busy and working. For some of the things I will be mentioning, I am still trying to make them work but I will mention them nevertheless, all 10 of them.

It is my hope that you will begin to see opportunities to make your health a priority even as much as you are busy.

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10 ways to stay healthy as a busy person

1. Drink lots of water

In my post, how I trick myself to drink more water, I mentioned that I am always with a bottle of water as that reminds me to take a sip. I have also built a behavioural pattern around water. When I feel stressed or fidgety or nervous, I take a sip. If you can naturally clear off drinking water off your busy schedule and frequently too, you are one step away from an unhealthy lifestyle pattern as a result of your busy schedule.

2. Invest in your breakfast

If you are not on Intermittent fasting like I am, you might want to pay a lot of attention to your breakfast. Usually, this is your first shot at getting your nutrition right for the day. If you make your breakfast a priority, you might as well have enough of the fuel you need for a long while.

Usually, busy people forget to eat and not just that, we forget to eat right but if you can make it a priority to make sure that before you get into the hustle and bustle of the day, breakfast is settled in the best way possible, it will go a very long way to keeping your body energized and healthy.

A good way to make sure that you are having breakfast every day as planned is to do meal prep. Draw up a meal plan for a week and mentally get each of these items prepared. I must tell you, if you do not plan your meals, you might skip breakfast just because you do not have an idea of what to eat.

3. Learn and make quick recipes

Still speaking of food, you don’t want to develop an unhealthy eating pattern, this may force your body to adapt in not too palatable ways. If you, however, learn quick recipes, you might be able to skip the hours in the kitchen and still get proper meals done.

Smoothies, healthy pancakes, oatmeal, salads, frittatas, mention them. Make sure that you always have enough groceries stored in your fridge so that all you have to do is just draw these items out.

4. Workout with your family

One way to keep your relationships strong even as a busy person is to do activities with them. This way you are killing two or more birds with just one stone. So, if you are a family person who is also a busy career person, you might want to take family workouts seriously. You keep healthy and at the same time enjoy the companionship. This article on what successful people do on weekends makes sure to help you see that successful people, no matter how busy, make time for family, on weekends especially.

5. Slow down

Isn’t it surprising how we are on the run for most hours of the day and never stop to recharge? You know, this can lead to burnouts, frequent burnouts as that. I strongly feel that you should allocate time for rest and relaxation. I am seriously guilty of this and this article is enough nudge for me to do something about it.

Slowing down may also be as part of your schedule as intense meetings. It is just as simple as blocking out time to be all by yourself in a cool environment. Slow down for some minutes of the day and don’t think of work. This serves as a very good reset.

6. Incorporate office exercises

Yes, you can take a walk to the cafeteria instead of just ordering stuff to your desk. You can also stretch while at work. Check out other really cool office exercises that won’t get you sweating in your office wear but will be effective enough to keep you active. Walk instead of using your car.

7. Find healthy restaurants

Some restaurants are doing a great job at opting for very good and healthy meal options. You can find one or two so that lunch or break time is seamlessly healthy. If your favorite restaurants have filled up their menu with healthy foods, you will expend more mental energy to not go for a healthy meal.

Another thing you can do is bring healthy snacks from home or healthy lunch boxes. This can take the stress off you so that you don’t have to brainstorm what you would like to eat.

8 Reevaluate your priorities

Over time, I have come to realize that some of the things on top of my list were not even worth being on the list in the first place. As a result of having to prioritize things like these, I have inflicted pressure on myself to deliver. This is a free way to add to your stress levels as a busy person. To live and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you must learn how to correctly set your priorities. Even if it means skipping meetings that are just for time wasting.

9. Make your sleep time a priority

One of the many activities that suffer when we get too busy is our sleep and this is so ironic because sleep time is legit the best time to refuel and get our bodies to become set for the next set of instructions we have for it. ”

I am very guilty of this myself- shortening sleep time to accommodate work. Switch off your phones, have a warm bath and experience a good night time. This post shows you what to do before bed if you are going to have a splendid night. 

10. Go for 5

This is a rule you might want to adopt. Take out 5 minutes of your day and walk around your workplace. You can spend more than that. Preferably this can happen during your lunchtime. You can also spend this time to just sit still.

Just make sure that you do something out of the ordinary work schedule. Step outside and take quick, thoughtful breaths in succession.

Do you have any other ideas we can use? Hopefully, you are getting started to a proper health and fitness routine while you are super busy.

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