Some Beggar asked for my Phone Number

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Have you ever been hungry, tired and soiled down there with monthly messy blood all at the same time?

I was all of that and angry. On top of all of the internal war, I was angry that I was angry. That was when Mr Dude decides to spew an ‘excuse me’. And he was across the road for that matter. I needed no seer to tell me that I would get home minutes later than the estimated time I had in my head.

No, I normally don’t even wait. Sad, I had to. I just wanted to do something right. I was angry and that made me feel so out of control. I wanted to be kind, at least.

He hurriedly appeared beside me and muttered some words. I was too blind to hear them. 10 seconds into his speech, my brain picked up ’em sound waves. He needed 100 Naira.

As long as 100 Naira would be the price to pay you to get out of my face, oh dear, have it!

So I searched for an 100 note. My stomach growled! It wanted indomie and egg. I didn’t find and so I dumped the 200 note in his hands.

Why he wasn’t turning quickly to clear the road made me curse the god of the sun. It hit me in the middle of my braids. It was such a bad time to be out.

“Sister, don’t be annoyed. Do you live around this place?”

“No. Ehn, yes”

” Please can I ask you for your number? ”

My inner man shed a drop of tear. The only evil I did was stop to give him 200 Naira. My Always pad was full to the brim! No wonder babies cry when their pampers are full. No wonder.

I gently walked away. All of the instant predicament humbled me. I reached the breaking point and broke. That humbled me.

If you see him, please tell him to return my 200 Naira. He is tall, dark and handsome.

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  1. OK… Mr. Tall, Dark & Handsome…our money pls!!!

    1. Christian, you jammed him already? Hehehehehe… I miss you o, awayu?

  2. ???? interesting !

  3. OMG! A beggar? Maybe he wanted your number so he could get more money.

    1. I want to assume he was out to 'toast' me. He was asking for more money to complete T-fare. 100 naira specifically. Hian… Which kain tactic he wan dey pull for me?

  4. You sef, dey give him your money. He's a scammer. ?

    1. Na hunger kuku blind my eyes o.

  5. Ayodeji Esan says:

    Beggar cannot beg for phone number again ni?

    1. What a begi begi! Beg for money, beg for phone number. He kanor pick a struggle ni?

  6. This post just depressed me. ��
    I could literally feel your exasperation!
    Wish I could just reach out and give the dude a hard knock on the head wherever he is right now — just one hard knock would pacify me.

    1. He is just one cray human being abeg. Mtchwwwww…

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