how to save more money, Esther Adeniyi

50+ smart ways to save more money (without feeling self deprived)

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Maybe we have over flogged it but savings is worth the hype and unlike the reputation it has built for itself, it is not as hard as you think. Sure, there’s definitely the issue of discipline. There’s also that of commitment and intentionality.

But at the end of it all, it is all for the best. If you don’t gain anything else, you have cultivated good virtues and learned how to be prudent. Moreover, the assurance of a contingency fund is a good feeling.

Saving money can be considerably easier if we then move on further to cut back on some of the mindless spendings we are used to.

Maybe we have just saved only a few bucks as a result but it is something. If you don’t believe me, try to save 200 Naira every day for a year. That’s new gadget money for some people.

What clever ways can we cut back on spending to save more? You can read on to have a whopping, gigantic list of ways to cut back on spending, save more, and all without feeling like you are stifled.

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how to save more money

1. Buy your groceries in bulk.
2. Watch out for coupons and store deals.
3. Subscribe to Netflix if you spend a lot on movies.
4. Live-in with your parents until you can comfortably afford rent.
5. Do cloth swapping for a wardrobe change.
6. Cook meals rather than eat out.
7. Pair up with someone who has a ride for transportation.
8. Learn how to do your own manicure and pedicure.
9. Wash your own clothes instead of contracting a washerman/woman.
10. Learn basic hair styling.
11. Learn how to mend your clothes.
12. Buy bigger data plans.
13. Make your own ice blocks.
14. Learn how to bake easy snacks.
15. Go minimalist.
16. Buy the most quality/original.
17. Invest in a good wig.
18. Make your own smoothies.
19. Make your own puree/blend your own pepper
20. Wash your hair at home.
21. Buy UK used laptops/phones (A grade) instead.
22. Do not throw away leftovers
23. Cut down on impulse buying
24. You don’t have to buy aso-ebi every month.
25. Never go into a supermarket or store without a shopping list.
26. Pack lunch from home.
27. Replace fizzy drinks with bottled water.
28. Use your work Wi-Fi instead.
29. Wash your own car

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how to save more money , Esther Adeniyi
30. Register for affordable health care packages.
31. Exercise at home/ with family.
32. Learn and enjoy DIYs.
33. Save extra money notes in a jar.
34. Plan for food during traveling.
35. Make your own dishwashing liquid/home cleaning products.
36. Share your Netflix account with someone.
37. Get a roommate.
38. Buy fruits in season.
39. Rear your own chickens.
40. Refill your water bottle instead of buying bottled water.
41. Let your family make your hair.
42. Book flights on time.
43. Switch off appliances not in use
44. Use an inverter or solar electricity.
45. Cancel needless subscriptions/memberships.
46. Don’t stream, download.
47. Borrow novels.
48. Walk.
49. Reduce unnecessary long calls.
50. Keep a piggy bank
51. Shop with a trusted friend.
52. You don’t have to buy a car now!

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