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Slimming tea for weight loss : facts and what people think

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slimming tea for weight loss

Overview of slimming tea as a weight loss strategy

The slimming tea craze has hit Nigerians and the industry has spread like fire. Slimming tea for weight loss is believed to be drastic, stress-free and within a very short period of time.

Many of the slimming tea brands claim that these products have no harmful side effects but are these claims to hold on to? Some people ask about Slim Tea Nigeria side effects and this is because, as anyone else should be, they are concerned.

Many people (especially women) turn to this option out of desperation. A lot of them explain that body shaming is not a joke. That they have to struggle with weight loss and body image is saddening and many women just want to end the struggle. People are all about looking for the best slimming drugs in Nigeria.

Today, it is 28 days detox tea, tomorrow people are searching for the newest slim tea detox review. I won’t blame anyone really. Weight loss can be so difficult.

They would do anything as long as they can boldly walk out the door without faces turning and staring like they are covered in feces.

Last week, I conducted a vox pop on slimming tea for weight loss. I asked people to give their opinions about it, their experiences and what they thought in general. Flat tummy tea with moringa seems to be one of the most popular slimming tea brands.

Not surprisingly, many of the people who responded have personally used slimming tea for weight loss and they also have a number of friends who have used slimming tea as a weight loss strategy.

I must say that contrary to popular beliefs, a handful was negative about the slimming tea method of weight loss, another set clamored for other safer methods which include food portion control and healthy eating.

Some people particularly advised that discipline should be any weight loss enthusiast’s tea.

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Notable comments from the opinion poll about weight loss for slimming tea. 

Natasha Felix – a few years back I was taking one tablet they call Fat burner, and one herbal slimming tea. It worked big time, I wanted to reduce my ass, it reduced but when I stopped taking them, I started seeing some side effects that were not nice at all…

So my advice to anyone that’s planning to take any of those things, should not instead do Keto if you can, all this nonsense they say that it doesn’t have any side effects is a lie.

Another commenter believes that it works just fine. She believes that you only have to know what it is and how it works. Below is her comment :

Roli Maye Afinotan– The purpose or role of slimming tea should first be understood before it is used. I have used slimming tea before – Tianshi and it worked.

Of course, there are some that are dangerous, make you stool and what not. But like I said, one needs to understand the use of slimming tea.

For me, I googled and read about the ingredients on the pack to be sure it’s safe before taking it. Now, slimming teas are not magical. They are mostly, metabolism boosters, which in turn will burn excessive fat.

This means you still have to eat clean, cut down on carbs and eliminate fizzy drinks.

For me, I didn’t stop eating. I ate what I wanted (proper food) in controlled portions and stopped all fuzzy drinks. And the tea just helped to quicken the weight loss process.

So one should not expect to eat excessively and do all the wrong things, hoping that slimming tea will solve it. Lai lai! I ate clean, drank the tea and within 2 months, dropped 10kg. And no, I didn’t do exercise. So there you have it.

Sally used a very good set of effective methods to cause belly fat loss and lose weight overall. 

I want to point you to something Orie Brienda, a nurse said- Well, it works

By the way, who would purge for one week straight and not slim down?… The person na winsh?

This corroborates what nutrition experts also said on punch:

“While it may seem that a person drinking slimming teas has lost a few pounds, doctors say the high laxative content acts as a diuretic (excess urine passage), which can cause dehydration in a healthy person.

Dehydration, they said, can lead to other side effects such as fainting, nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps. ( Enclosed note mine: These are invariably side effects of slimming tea)

Health professionals and experts in the industry have explained to us those slimming tea ingredients are the same as the ordinary tea ingredients that we have.

What’s added to the ingredients are laxatives to make the drinker purge and this happens in most cases, excessively.”

Even drinking zobo drink regularly can replace and serve the purpose of slimming tea on its own. I would personally think that anyone who feels s/he is losing weight as a result of using slimming tea is most likely losing water weight.

Even green tea and black tea might just as well serve the purpose of what the slimming teas claim, except for that there are not added dangerous additives.

A particularly hilarious commenter (Kosi Fortune) said – It only works for celebs….on Instagram…I believe

Ayanfe Adewura also states her opinion – Just 1% of 100% works. Even as that it does its work rapidly, but with constant usage. This type that at least works very well with no side effects is herbal.

To me, those slim teas and creams are “sun Owo nna” and to worsen it, some of their negative effects are better not experienced at all.

Sometimes, it also depends on the nature of the body. Some are succulent while some are strong. (it is best you understand your body’s code)

Constant calories counting do help but it’s always tiring.

When we reduce sugary stuff and increase the ratio of intake of fruits, vegetables, and water to “em foods” … You can trim down naturally

Another set of people believe in slimming tea for weight loss. They, however, claim that a good diet especially will aid the process.

They say that while slimming tea will help speed up the slimming down process, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will be a perfect combination. Maryanne Obiagheli, for example, said- If you keep eating nonsense. ….They can’t help!

Olagunju Belove Oluwatobi gave a very conclusive opinion – The best slim tea is discipline… Many fat ladies can’t deny themselves of rich food…

Conclusions on slimming tea

It is therefore evident that nothing beats discipline, clean eating, good diet, and exercise. Good diet comes first.

Slimming tea is very discouraged by many experts in the field of dietetics and nutrition. Many people are in a hurry to lose weight. While some start patiently, they become impatient along the way because the changes are not glaringly visible. A very good alternative one can consider is using intermittent fasting to lose weight.

A Doctor once said to me – if anyone cannot be patient, they should not consider weight loss. Slimming tea for weight loss may not be your best option just yet, try other many healthy portions and be sure nothing can ever work for you before you go slimming tea desperate.

So, what is your opinion about slimming tea for weight loss? Let me know what you think.

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