Skinny Girl in Transit S5: Behind The Scenes with Cast and Crew

Skinny Girl in Transit S5: Behind The Scenes with Cast and Crew

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Who misses Skinny Girl in Transit? I do! That show was phenomenal! They held my attention o, ah. Which is so surprising of a Nollywood series. The other series I could not get over, just like SGIT, was THIS IS IT.

It was bam! Forget. Anyway, since it’s looking like Skinny Girl in Transit has finished patapata, let’s be making do with the Behind The Scenes.

It’s not like there was not a time I was angry at the turn of events o. In fact, there were times I swore I was never ever going to watch Skinny Girl in Transit again.

Everybody was just vexing me. I remember Season 2 abi is Season 3 ni, where there was Fabris abi kini. The thing was just vexing me. But guess what? This is how we know Ndani TV succeeded.

These people invoked and provoked from us all manner of emotions. Mo gbe di fun won abeg. Skinny Girl in Transit was a hit back to back.

The fact that they now gave Wosilat more lines now made the whole thing just tantalizing. Jeez, babe added some colour to the series.

But mhen, Mide became very unpredictable and erratic after a while. Shey all the people that were tripping for him before na, they all changed mouth.

That was a series full of a lot of lessons, trust me. You can read my lesson list here. It was such a necessary one. I mean, with humour, class, style and acting prowess, they dished us lessons upon lessons.

Oh my, I loved Mama Tiwa. This was the one show they were very accurate about Naija mothers. Kilode?! Won get e pa.

Below is the Behind The Scenes. Enjoy

What do you think about Skinny Girl in Transit. Okay, if there was a Season 6, would you have loved it to continue? Please share your thoughts below.

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