Singleness- the state of most certainty

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Singleness, it is not a disease; it is a passing phase. Every individual is first of all a single. It is an important period of one’s life. In fact, it is a state of most certainty. Relationships start and fail; marriages begin and scatter. We do not go into marriage hoping that there would be a divorce but we’ve heard of stories.

Your singleness is a gift; it is a starting point. Like some gifts are properly used, others are mishandled and abused. If you are still single, now is the time to invest in yourself. Do not rush to leave that state of certainty for one of uncertainty. Of course you will graduate from singleness but I am asking you today to make it worthwhile. Leave no room for regrets. People who spend their whole single lives preparing and wishing and rushing into the next state always have this ‘had I known’ ish.

What are you doing with your singleness? Wishing? Chasing after the wind? Window shopping for wedding gowns? Calm down sweetheart. You will never ever miss your slot, I promise you that. Sooooo, calm down, take a chill pill and enjoy this state you are in. Okay? Yeah, right.

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