5 ways to simplify your life

5 ridiculously simple ways to simplify your life

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Recently, I have done a lot of life audits and edits and it has been great. I think everyone should schedule times in month or year when they want to take stock of their daily routines, spending, relationships, habits, activities, and everything important.

You know, over time we accumulate and clutter up so much of baggage. The surprising thing is that we do not even know how much of unnecessary things we are getting ourselves involved with.

So we move on around with needless weight and lead stressful lives. Somehow, tasks are accomplished much slower, activities become more overwhelming and our emotions are just all over the place.

Here, I am going to share 5 ways to simplify your life. These are nothing overboard, just simple lifestyle changes and edits.

5 simple ways to simplify your life

Write a to-do list

I guess you are tired of hearing this one point over and over but if you knew how helpful this one item is, you wouldn’t overlook it at all. I as much as even put my quiet time on my to-do list.

In fact, to-do lists include shopping lists. I even have a list called ‘outstanding’. So, this is not necessarily a list of something I want to do on a particular day. It is a list of things that I should never forget to do or have just completed half of.

You know, when a client or a friend calls you up to say why they are disappointed in you for not living up to a promise or delivering a job as you promise, you know deep down that you can actually do better. That you even have a lot of free time, only that you forgot to include them.

Another reason I like to have an outstanding list is that there are some days I know that I am supposed to be doing some certain things and these things, sometimes undefined, are clogging up in my head and causing me to feel overwhelmed.

Writing them down helps me to free all of my thoughts once and for all. Writing lists of any kind will simplify your life. Still in doubts, try it tomorrow and the next.

Batch cook

I do not do this just yet because I cook for myself only but I think that talking about this will help a lot of people who are married or raising kids to simplify their lives.

It is going to be a lot easier to spend less time on cooking or thinking of what to cook when you batch cook.

If you are not from a family or the type who wants freshly prepared meals every time, you should cook almost all your meals, soups especially and store them in the fridge.

For how long you want to do this depends on you; a week, a month. This also applies to groceries. Buy all of your groceries and beverages in bulk. You save money, you save time and reduce the stress.

Don’t forget to write a shopping list. We want to live simple lives, remember? so, nothing like going to the store to begin a brain racking session of what you must have forgotten.

Go minimalist

Last week, I wanted to move my things from an apartment to another one and I kept on wondering how I still have too many things to move despite my minimalism.

I can’t help but wonder how much of stuff people who buy everything would have then. To simplify your life, buy only what you need. Buy the basics.

This is so important to me that when I have cause to bring plates, bowls, bags or any unnecessary things from owambes, I give them away before I enter my house.

I always find someone I can give out things to wherever I am. You will always find. Let me give you hints: your gateman, the mallam selling petty things, the cleaner, your compound cleaner at work, people who are generally in need and won’t mind having these things.

It will shock you to know how much value these things are to them than to you. You are never going to use them anyway. I once saw one of the cleaners in my former apartment go through garbage to pick out things that are still useful.

The other day I was about to dispose of a traveling bag when the gateman lightly mentioned that he likes it and would go and repair the damaged areas. Wow!

I made sure to give him another one like it, that wasn’t as damaged as the first but it was too much of a burden to repair.

So, keep only what you need, work with basics.

Edit your email subscriptions

Listen, editing your email subscriptions can do a lot of wonders. Every time you get a notification from a newsletter you mistakenly subscribed to, were lured into, you don’t need or have outgrown, open it and unsubscribe.

Many times, the issue here is opening the email to unsubscribe but if you can pick a day out of the month to begin to edit your email subscriptions you will be grateful for it.

Draw close to God

I saved this for last because of people that do not like to have God in matters as secular as this. This is so that you won’t close this post without giving it a chance.

If you, however, have something for God and recognize how much of help he can be to you in times of distress, your life can be much simpler.

Instead of having to look to people every time for help, you can turn to God and ask him to direct your steps and teach you what to do to have a problem solved. He can even lead you to the important people or quicken their steps towards you so that you are not going all about experiencing disappointments from people you thought would help.

Instead of worrying and fretting, you can direct them all to God and tell him exactly how you feel. Prayers can simplify your life if only you try them.

Remember this hymn

Oh what peace we often forfeit
oh what needless pain we bear
all because we do not carry
everything to God in prayer

Are there other things you do to simplify your life? I would be glad to have you share them with me.

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5 ways to simplify your life

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