Shoulder shrugging your way through life

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Shoulder shrugging, Esther Adeniyi

Did y’all hear about the suicide of a teen who failed her exams? This happened some months ago and it was all over the news. It was reported that she was too young to handle that failure admist the expectations her family. She ended it.

There are certain issues in life that seem like do-or-die affairs. You feel that if you don’t achieve this, you can’t move on; if you can’t accomplish that, your life is going to be shattered.

This is how you begin to live life on the edge. You are constantly worn out and worried. Everyday is another day to get mad at a currently dissatisfying situation.

Unfortunately, worry does nothing. It actually does something – it destroys you, your productivity and your sense of hope.

If only you would learn how to shoulder shrug issues. If you don’t get that job now, you are not going to die. I am serious. If you don’t take in this year, you are not going to die. If you don’t attain financial stability now, you have come very far already, you are not going to die.

The process of shoulder shrugging through life is something that you learn gradually. I am learning it too. I am learning how to not kill myself over situations that I cannot control.

Next time life happens and it looks like the only option you have is to retreat into darkness, ask yourself these questions :

Did you try your best? Yes.
Did you give it your best shot? Heck yes.

Shoulder shrug through it. That’s life! And as long as you are still living and breathing, there is hope for a better tomorrow. You really have to trust me on this one.

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