Should you reveal your past to your partner?

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Are you watching Skinny Girl in Transit? I talk about that web series a lot, I know. It’s obviously my favorite for now. So, there is this Fabris of a guy who had had a one night stand with Tiwa some time ago. Unfortunately, events happen and we know that Mide, Tiwa’s boyfriend and Fabris know each other quite well. In fact, Fabris is an ex to Mide’s sister. Complicated right?

Okay, now things happening suggest a possible problem in Tiwalade (Abimbola Craig) and Mide (Ayoola Ayolola)’s relationship. First off, I really do not know why Tiwa is sneaky about this all but let’s wait and see.

I have been reading and watching reviews of episodes of Skinny Girl in Transit as they drop all over social media and this is becoming a serious discussion. I mean, the discussion surrounding your past as regards your present relationship.

Which of your past should you expose in a relationship? Should you even share your past at all?

Here is my take on this matter.

Your past is in the past. It happened when you were probably more ignorant, less exposed, more reckless etc. You have grown past all of that and your mistakes, even the gory ones are not worth bringing into a present life.

With your partner, except the relationship is going to crumble under the weight of your past, you don’t need telling all over. In Tiwa’s case, the relationship is going to crumble, I am sure. If it doesn’t crumble totally, there is going to be a lot of problems especially because Tiwa is taking so long to reveal this.

Fabris and Tiwa had a one night stand and that was before she met Mide. Obviously, she did not cheat. I think she fears how Mide would look at her; like an indecent person and all of that. I would like to think that actually. Self control matters in life.

So, what are your thoughts about revealing your past to your partner? Would you keep it like that? Would your reveal some, all? Let’s discuss in the comments section. 

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  1. Awesome Humphrey says:

    Well, the past is past. It's history. However, if there's something in a person's past that directly affects their current relationship/partner, it's probably wise to lay it on the table, else the partner will feel betrayed if they eventually find out.

  2. Nooo, she met Fabrice, while she knew Mide, just Mide and her weren't together yet. I also don't like how Tiwa is hiding it, she should have said it immediately, cause now it makes it seem as if she did something terrible, communication is always important in a relationship, especially when something has you so worried. Mide again is a very jealous person, bad combo.

    1. Oh, that's true. I remember now that she had met Mide then but at least, they weren't dating.

      And it's like you know what's on my mind already. Imagine how this will all go down now. Unfortunately, Mide is a jealous guy.

    2. I also like the part where you mentioned that communication is important in relationships. It really is.

  3. No qualms,understanding who your partner is is kinda vital in helping you know how best to make him/her know of your past. I think its just a good idea to make it known because people have ways of knowing things and then, it will be a sorry case and more complicated. Let the cat outta the bag but be wise about it. Things wouldnt go bad forever if you do, rather it would build trust and help you desist from such actions subsequently.

    1. Thank you so much. This is a really insightful comment.

  4. No…though I think you can share some as time goes on for personal reasons but i Don't think it's that necessary…just let the past be the past

  5. I thought I was the only one that is loving this web series, I literally wait for a new episodes every week. And to if I should tell my partner my past I feel that it should be left in the past except if the information would pose a threat to the relationship in the future.

    1. You are not the only one loving the series o. We are 'plenty'.

      Thank you for your contribution.

  6. Tricky, you don't share secrets in the course , share it before the relationship starts proper,when I mean share, there some persons you can share to some in matured partners, it will spiral out.

    But personally, if the person you're dating is truly a Christian, that u know very well ooo, you can guage the persons spiritual maturity,then you can say it,because the person can forgive you or not spread it, even comfort you.
    But not all the gritty nitty should be person except, its explicit that my partner wants to know. Soory to go all spiritual… Na only that one sure pass to confess to.

    1. Hmmmmmmm, thank you for your input.

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