Should you really quit a job you don’t like?

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It’s Saturday and I must say, it’s the laziest in months so far. Please tell me what your Saturday looks like in the comments section. I am definitely not the only one still rolling in the sheets.

But I am wondering if it makes sense to quit a job just because you don’t like it? And speaking of ‘like’, it’s such a stressful word. Why so flunctuating? I raise my hands to the fact that it’s just a feeling and like every other feeling put together, it fades and intensifies anyhow.

The other day I heard this smooth motivational speaker say something about leaving a job that doesn’t make you happy. ‘Here we go again’ I muttered under my breath. I have nothing against motivational speakers by the way, especially if you are smooth!

So dude’s asking me to quit what’s giving me the right to walk into a store with Naira prints? Oh boy. I don’t know tho, it’s cray man!

But it’s got me thinking, really. Where is the line? Where do we adjust it and how far can we shift it? Also, what do we mean when we say ‘like’? ‘Like’ as in ‘makes me happy’ or ‘like’ as in ‘I can’t wait to get to work’. Or ‘like’ as in ‘no one is frustrating me at work and everything seems pretty fine’.

Should you really quit a job you don’t like? What about the bills, the ‘I am employed’ badge? What about everything else that has to do with not being non-employed?

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