Should a Woman Consult Her Man Before Cutting Her Hair?

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Chidinma Ekile on low cut

Heyo, what’s pumping this weekend? We have another question to tackle this week o and it’s about going on low cut as a woman. Do you feel your man’s opinion matters here? As a man,  would you prefer your woman to consult you before going on low cut? Even if you don’t mind her going on low cut? Okay,  there are many twists to this question though but I would like an interesting conversation.

I saw this question on Instagram and I picked interest so, here, I am throwing it open to you,  my blog readers.

Let’s go. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I don't mind her going on low cut. I am not particular about what happens on her head as long as she is happy. As long as anything, style or low cut she does makes her happy, I am okay.

    1. Hmmmmm.. So in your opinion, a woman doesn't have to consult her man first, right?

    2. Anonymous says:

      In my opinion, she doesn't have to. She should be free to do anything she wants to to her hair.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would like to tell my man o. Maybe not for permission since I am not married but I will notify him. I won't want him to be shocked.

    1. You nor want kasala abi? Hehehe…

  3. I like that she should consult me first. Even though I will ask her to go ahead to do it, I would like the luxury of being part of an important decision like that. Women on low cut are beautiful.

    1. Me, I like Chidinma's low cut especially. Also, when Genevieve was on low cut, it was so beautiful.

      I see that you'd like to do things together with your woman. #smiles

  4. I would like to consult him first. Men like to be part of decisions. I don't like low cut sha

    1. Yes, I feel the same way too. Men who love you like to be part of important things in your life.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I won't consult him for permission. I will just inform him first before going ahead. Hubby doesn't really care about stuff like that.

    1. Hmmmm, thank you for sharing your opinion.

  6. Anonymous says:

    A woman should consult her husband first.

    1. Hmmmmm, thank you for sharing your view.

  7. I would definitely consult my man before cutting my hair. I would have to know if he would want me on low cut. He always likes me wearing a very full weave to small weaves because i am skinny. With this, i would ask him to know if he would like me on low cut because if i go cutting my hair without him knowing, when he eventually sees me on it, he wud definitely be disappointed.

    So I think a woman should consult her man first.

    1. You won't want him disappointed at least. That's cool.

  8. Well, I notified him and his response was "just make sure you look good in it"
    I didn't take action till after 6 months to cut it. Well, it became another story.
    It shouldn't be for the purpose of validation, just notification.

    1. Thank you for sharing your view, Yele.

      As it is, there is 'permission' and there is the 'notification'. So you would at least notify him, maybe not for permission as such. Hmmmmm…

  9. I will notify him o, don't want him to feel left out like that

    1. Yeah, I understand that part of it all. Hmmmmm..

  10. I will notify him o, don't want him to feel left out like that

  11. Yes, i would tell my man before cutting my hair. When my man eventually sees me on low cut, he might just say it's okay but deep down in him, he might not like it any bit. He might just tell me i look beautiful on my low cut to make me happy. He would also be disppointed that i never did tell him before cutting my hair that i took the decision all alone. My man is so much obsessed about my hair. He chooses hair styles for me so it won't be cool if i go ahead cutting my hair without telling him, it won't be cool, at all. I could remember a time i went to make an hair style, i didn't tell him before making it, when he later saw it on me, he didn't like it but he told me it was very fine even though i saw it in his face with the way he was staring and all that he didn't like it. I felt very bad about the hair. He kept on telling me it was very fine to make me happy but i knew he didn't like it. I didn't like the hair till i loosened it knowing that my man didn't like it. You know that feeling na, when you make a new hair, buy a new cloth, bag, shoes and so on and your man does not like it, you will feel bad and sad.

    So, it's very important a woman tells her man before going to cut her hair. He might tell you he likes it, to make you happy but deep down, he might not like it and he would also be disappointed that you took such a great decision without involving him or letting him know. Tenkiu. #smiles.

    1. Hehehehe…. This is serious! Thank you for taking time to explain your view. Kilzes

  12. Anonymous says:

    I would want her to ask for my opinion first before going ahead. As her husband, it's just like making any other decision in the house. She likes my beards, the same way I like her hair and even suggest some styles for her to make. It wouldn't be fair if I shave off my beards without telling her first.

    So I would like her to inform me and ask for my opinion.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your opinion.

  13. well in as much as I like girls cutting em hair too especially tha AnikaBecca? or wah ever it's called ..I love dat cut on women… buh my lady should lemme knw before doin so… it's her body quite alright buh it shows respect and value for the man

    1. Yeah, I agree. It shows respect and value.

  14. Anonymous says:

    A woman should inform her husband before cutting her hair. In fact, every matter should be disccussed before decisions are made. It shows regard/respect for the person.

    I have met men who like a particular hairstyle on their women and some who have a kind of negatively stereotyped notion about women who wear their hair low.

    -Folake Adedamola

    1. Exactly true.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion.

  15. She just has to tell me cus I love ladies with full hair and my woman can't just go and cut her hair which she knows I love playing with, without informing me. If she informs me even I wont agree unless the hair is giving her problems.

    1. Team full hair!

      Thank you for sharing your opinion.

  16. My opinion. A woman should tell her husband before cutting her hair. He might not necessarily have a problem with it but I think he should be notified.


    1. Hmmmmmmmm…..

      Thank you for sharing your opinion.

  17. I will notify him o, don't want him to feel left out like that
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