self-care tips for bad days

50+ Self-care tips for bad days

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Let’s face it, some days just turn out not too good. These bad days can be triggered by memories, someone’s attitude toward us or situations that are just beyond our control. On these days self-care is important.

You will have to learn how to look after yourself during your dry times because as a matter of fact, everyone else is busy doing the same. Everyone else is trying to survive or thrive, whichever stage they are in.

Self-care on your bad days will help you pull through. It is a time to cast upon yourself self-compassion (not self-pity) and love up on your being.

Usually, your “not-so-great” feeling will always wear off. It is very most likely that you just need to force yourself to get out of that zone, so yes, this list is a good start.

Below are 50+ simple self-care tips for your bad days

self care tips for bad days

1. Watch your favorite movie again

2. Go out and breathe in some fresh air

3. Take a long walk

4. Go to the cinema

5. Call up a long time friend

6. Tell God how you feel at the moment

7. Have a long warm bath

8. Visit friends

9. Speak with someone you love

10. Write down 10 things you are grateful for

11. Go to the beach

12. Plan an event

13. Volunteer

14. Declutter your wardrobe

15. Play a game

16. Read your sermon/quiet time note

17. Write your heart out

18. Open a personal blog

19. Buy yourself a gift

20. Go to the spa

21. Binge watch your favorite Netflix series

22. Cook yourself your favorite meal

23. Learn a new recipe

24. Read an interesting novel

25. Walk away from a stressful environment

26. Daydream of better days

27. Watch comedy

28. Dance

29. Go for an intense workout

30. Eat chocolate

31. Read happy and fun blogs

32. Plan a mini/solo vacation

33. Dress up nice and go out

34. Clean up your house

35. Do fresh manicure/pedicure

36. Have flowers sent to your apartment

37. Visit a nature park

38. Go to a nursery/daycare and watch kids

39. Go on a lunch date with yourself

40. Plan game night with your friends

41. Go for a concert

42. Go window shopping

43. Rest / take a nap

44. Meditate

45. Play your favorite playlist

46. Confide in a friend

47. Go through your gallery

48. Organize a mini house party with friends

49. Do a photoshoot

50. Learn a fun skill

51. Do something new and fun for the first time

52. Reflect on great days/fun times, memories

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