Saworoide (1999): movie review, cast and full download

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Saworoide movie was the epic one that year. I was still so young. In fact, I didn’t get to watch Saworoide until very much later. I watched it because I had to prove to the world that I had seen the much talked about movie. It was like I needed to have seen it to qualify as human.

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Saworoide in English language means talking drum. It also means brass bell. It was released in 1999. It was directed by Tunde Kelani and produced by Mainframe Films and Television Productions. The movie is centered around a Yoruba norm where the saworoide (talking drum) must be played by the right person for a new king to be crowned.

Saworoide Cast

Kunle Afolayan
Ayantunji Amoo
Kunle Bamtefa
Kayode Olaiya
Yemi Shodimu
Kola Oyewo
Lere Paimo
Bukky Wright
Khabirat Kafidipe

Saworoide 1 Full Movie Watch and Download

Saworoide 2 Full Movie Watch and Download

Download Saworoide full movie from YouTube. Click on the movie and get to Youtube. On the URL bar of your browser, delete all the characters before youtube…. and replace with ‘ss”. This is to help you save from the internet using You can also download Saworoide full movie by hitting the download button under the YouTube video. You can always watch later even if you are offline.

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