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7 Fabulous Tips to help you save money for travel

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Travel is one of such activities people think of when they want to relax, have fun and take a super duper break. This post will give you all the surefire tips to help you save money for travel.

To be honest with you, travel is fun. You get to experience different cultures for free, maybe not for free, but at least, for cheap. Imagine how much of money you get to spend to learn or experience new cultures. With travel, you have all of this with your travel fun.

One of the hardest part of travel, however, is money and finances generally. If you have money sorted out, many things are sorted. It is very uncomfortable to travel with too limited funds and that’s why a frequent traveler will advise that you grab enough cash. Enough funds will help you not only travel with ease but enjoy all of the things you would like to explore in this new city or country.

Surefire tips on how to save money for travel.

1. Cook your own meals

If you want to save for anything at all, cook your own meals. Transportation and feeding suck down on our finances the most. There is however a hack to cutting down on food expenses, cook at home. Buying ingredients, filling your gas, cooking from scratch, all of these in total save you from spending so much on feeding yourself.

2. Plan for your travel way ahead

Planning for your travel way ahead of time will help you avoid spending money that is just not necessary. If you plan for your travel ahead, you know where you are going to spend that summer, your transportation options, what to buy in preparation, cheap flights, travel deals and promos.

3. Deliberately set money aside

For many of the hurried financial actions that we take, our finances take the hit. Taking money out of your savings or salary might leave you high and dry after you are back from travel. Decide a savings plan specifically for your travel. It can be monthly or weekly.

4. Research on your travel destination

One travel mistake people make is trying to perfect their travel experience so much that they become non-flexible. If you properly research on your travel destination, you can leave some things out. Checking out on realistic transportation costs, cost of living at your destination and flight routes will save you some stress. You may ditch your bottled water packs for their own water if you find out that it is clean. Finding cheap flights to Dubai for example is such a good find for a Dubai holiday travel.

5. Save on hotel booking

Try to research on hotels around your travel destination. This is so that you can find great deals. You might also be lucky to find good hotel discounts. If you have friends and/or family, you might want to put up with them if it is convenient. This might also help you cut down on feeding during your travel.

6. Cut back on impulse buying

Impulse buying won’t ever let you save for that travel. I know, it takes discipline and determination to not buy anything because you have money on you. Saving for travel is like saving for an apartment to rent or even buying a house. You won’t see a shiny shoe and pull out your purse.

7. Avoid junks and fancy drinks

Junks, fancy drinks and unhealthy foods cost so much more than we can ever keep track of. A meat-pie here, some ice-cream there and you have your travel money going down the drain gradually. Like we mentioned earlier, cooking your own meals will also help to avoid junking and buying fancy drinks.

Saving money for travel will require that you be disciplined and determined. If you consider and imagine how much of beautiful experience you are about to feel, saving money for travel will be much more easier to do. Just think of the end, the food, the music, the culture, the relationships and all the beautiful things that you would enjoy. The means to this end (saving money on that travel) is therefore worth it.

How to save money for travel (Infographic)

save money for travel

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