saturday morning rituals for a satisfying weekend

Saturday Morning rituals for a more satisfying weekend

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You might wonder, ‘Does your Saturday Morning ritual have the power to influence the outcome of your entire weekend?’ Hell yeah! Your Saturday morning ritual isn’t just another routine. It helps set the pace for your weekend as a whole. At this point, you have the power to choose the vibe, positive or negative.

We all love weekends, don’t we? I mean, who doesn’t love the breath of relief that comes with ‘a me-time’ right after a long week. For different people, the weekend means different things and we look forward to it for various reasons.

Some of which ranges from the very significant happenings like having your spouse at home with you and the kids or attending a weeklong anticipated wedding. It could also be for simpler reasons like enjoying a less packed schedule and having lazy mornings.

Whatever the case, we cannot deny that the thought of the weekend brings excitement. Although the not-so-fun-part is how it goes so fast and we soon return to our crazy work life. This is why taking advantage of every bright moment and rest that comes with the weekend cannot be overemphasized.

The major part of your weekend revolves around Saturday and what you do with the whole day. Just so you know, not all weekends are rosy and jolly. Some come with the extra workload and could just be plain crazy. Setting the stage with the right rituals on a Saturday morning gives you a proactive day rather than a reactive one.

Turning your Saturday morning rituals to habit will help you own your time and give you an overall satisfying weekend. Here are some interesting tips that could work for you.

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Write a feasible to-do list

Here’s the drift, do not write your list with the idea that you are Iron man. Remember, the goal isn’t to turn your weekend into a ‘feast of chores’. Dedicate some time on Saturday morning to pen down a list of things you should do in the course of the weekend.

This should include meal plans, events, chores, and other errands alongside. This will serve as a schedule reminder and this way, you would hardly miss a thing!

Prepare yourself for the day

The grand psychology behind productivity is getting yourself prepared for whatever task is ahead. In this case, don’t go making every Saturday morning a lazy one. Sometimes, take your work pants on, put your hair up and get to work. Prepare yourself mentally as well and insist on ‘positive vibes only!’

Attack the laundry and dishes right away

Get the bad guys out of the way first. Yes, the heap of laundry and dishes are the ‘enemy’. Once you can find a way to utilize your Saturday morning in kicking this personal cleaning out of the way, its way to go honey! You know how you feel so fresh and alive when everywhere look clean?

Now, that’s how you work towards a satisfying weekend.

When all is said and done, what matters, in the end, is that these Saturday morning rituals turn your weekend into a perfect goal. With this in mind, switch things up every once in a while so you don’t even up with a tiresome routine.

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