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Why you need a Satin Hair Bonnet in your life!

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The first time I ever used a satin hair bonnet was last year and I tell you, it has been one of the best little lifestyle adjustments ever.

Speaking of perfectly maintained hair, well-protected ends and moisture retention, the satin hair bonnet has impacted positively in my natural hair journey.

The funny part is that I did not go all out to look for a satin hair bonnet, it was a birthday gift. This is what happens when people know just what you need.

If you have never heard of a hair bonnet or do not know exactly why you need it or why it should be satin, you are in the right place.

I will not only bring you up to speed on why you need a satin hair bonnet, but I will also share with you all of the things you need to know about it so that you make a good purchase decision.

If I find that writing this brings me fun, I will share with you different designs of hair bonnets. I will most definitely show you where to buy/order hair bonnets seamlessly in Nigeria. Babe sells in units and in wholesales, whichever way you want it.

Reasons why a satin hair bonnet is necessary

Satin hair bonnet
Satin hair bonnet by @naijahairbonnet

Your hair stays moisturized

People with natural hair have a lot of issues with moisture retention and this is because our hair dries out really fast. I for one have had a lot of issues locking in moisture.

You would agree that hair moisture issues don’t happen to just natural hair people. Everyone experiences it.

When I sleep and wake up, I always have to deal with hair dehydration. This is why a satin hair bonnet has been so useful for me.

Hairstyles don’t get rough quickly

If Satin hair bonnets in Nigeria had become popular as at the time Yele wrote this article on how to make your braids last longer, she would have added it to her list.

If you are a naturalist on braids, you know how difficult it is to make your hair stay in shape and form.

This is the same thing with normal styles too, Ghana weaving for example. You may also want your curly and styled weave-on staying in shape.

With a satin hair bonnet, your braids stay neater longer. I am that one girl that tosses around everytime. Sometimes I use satin scarves only to wake up to find them on the floor.

I needed a hair bonnet if my hair was going to stay in place under satin.

No more split ends and hair breakage

If you have ever checked it out, one major cause of split ends and hair breakage is lack of moisture. Hair dryness can cause a lot of damage.

With a satin hair bonnet, you have your hair retaining moisture and giving you healthier hair in the long run.

It helps me deep condition overnight

Some deep conditioning procedures require that you lock your hair under a satin cap and then wrap tightly with a towel.

So, I do this overnight. My natural hair comes out exceptionally soft and curly when I do this with organics hair mayonnaise and cover with my satin hair bonnet.

I have a very comprehensive review of organics hair mayonnaise here. You might find it interesting and informative.

Stylish night

Well, if you don’t limit your fashionista self to just day time, you might have for yourself a stylish night time.

African prints bonnets are typically one of the most fashionable kinds of hair bonnets. So, you can get different designs and patterns of them. You can get them in ankara or kente.

Less washing of pillow sheets and cases

You know how all of the oil you use for a new hair keeps on dripping all over? I know people who used to have jerry curls would have loved to use bonnets instead of scarves that fall off.

With your satin hair bonnet, you don’t have dirt and oil and hair scattered all over your pillow.

Cleaner and fresher facial skin

Because oil and dirt are not all over your pillow, you can have for yourself a smoother facial skin free from pillow debris that touches the skin while sleeping.

I would like to mention that as part of my facial skin care routine, I included the use of hair bonnets and weekly washing of my pillows. You won’t ever imagine how much this simple lifestyle adjustment could cause a change.

The only problem I have with satin hair bonnets

Satin hair bonnet
Me and my Kente hair bonnet though. Loooooooool

Heat! The heat can be so much on hot days that you have no choice than to yank it off. If it were just an ordinary hair bonnet, it probably would be more bearable.

But satin bonnets are made so that they can lock in moisture (which is good) and as a result, they trap your hair in and you can literally feel the heat on some days.

When I take my mind off it, I am usually able to bear the discomfort of using a hair bonnet.

If you, however, have no issues with heat, say this harmattan season, you have a fan or you have an air conditioner, why not?

Different types of hair bonnets

Ankara Satin bonnets

Remember I mentioned that you can slay with your hair bonnet. Ankara satin bonnets are so stylish for bedtime fashion. With different prints and patterns, you can dictate what your hair bonnets will look like.

It’s possible you have left over Ankara pieces you are smitten by. Making them into hair bonnets might just let you have them for as long as you want.

Grace of @beautybyjoya sells stunning Ankara hair bonnets. Here are two of them, you can chat her up on +234 814 848 9674 to see as many the Ankara satin bonnets that she has.

ankara hair bonnets

Reversible Hair bonnets

reversible hair bonnets

Reversible hair bonnets are hair bonnets made of satin of different colours or the same colours in and out. You can turn your reversible hair bonnets to the other side if one is dirty. If they are of different colours, you can have yourself rock one colour today and another the next day.

Single sided satin hair bonnets

Single sided satin hair bonnets are basically hair bonnets that are made with a single satin/silk material.

Tommie of @naijahairbonnet sells really beautiful single-sided hair bonnets. I will put pictures of some of them below. If you like the vibes her single sided hair bonnets give you, you can just chat her up on +234 813 910 2705. One thing about her single sided bonnets is that they are cheap and very affordable.

So, I think that if you are on a budget and would really not want to miss out on what satin hair bonnets can do for your hair, single-sided hair bonnets might just serve the purpose.

Single sided satin hair bonnets single sided satin hair bonnets

Hair bonnet for babies

Your heart will literally melt at the sight of some mummy and me satin bonnets out now, so cute. So, a lot of people are beginning to switch into using hair bonnets for their babies.

Truth is that asides from the other satin bonnet benefits, the major reason people are all out for hair bonnets for babies is the moisture factor.

I am not yet a mother but a lot of people seem to complain about hair loss on their babies. Hair bonnets might just be the best bet for you.

One thing to note however is not to get satin hair bonnets that are too tight. When you wear it on for your baby, put your hand between the bonnet band and her head. This is to test how tight or lose it is.

Tight hair bonnets might cause bad morning headaches. Of course, if it is too loose, you might have them waking up to nothing on their heads in the morning.

Baby silk headscarf is also as good as a hair bonnet for babies. You can look out for them.

Satin bonnets for curly hair

If you have a naturally curly hair, a satin bonnet should help you keep them in place and perfectly moisturized. Satin hair bonnets for curly hair are commonly known as slap caps.

On the outside, they look like beanies but on the inside, they are lined with satin. This makes it easy to rock even during the day.

You can throw slap caps on for a quick errand. If you like, you can go all out and make a fashion of it.

How to keep your curls under your hair bonnet

Where to buy wholesale hair bonnets

If you plan to resell hair bonnets, you can contact Grace of @beautybyjoya here – +234 814 848 9674. She has wholesale hair bonnets in wholesale prices.

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