Santa Cruz Beach, Lagos was kinda fun

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I was going to resign to my customary Sunday of boredom and boring computer tasks when Santa Cruz came with a nice pre-Christmas package.

My friend had responded to one of my status updates and I quickly chipped that I would like to escape from my current situation. Santa Cruz Beach was going to be my impromptu portion and I loved the suddenness of it all.

Her Youth Church had planned to have some time out at Santa Cruz Lagos and I was more than glad to tag along. No gate fee, no food expenses, only my transport fare, to and fro.

Heck was that a good deal. In an hour or so, I had changed location status from Lagos Mainland to Lagos Island. We walked into the beach to meet an already set game.

These church boys sure know how to catch fun! Oh, I won’t forget that I was greeted with yam porridge as the jollof rice was already exhausted. Jeez, people, this looks like a food set up.

Someone had mentioned at the hang out that she is not a food person and the look fam. I stared so hard in what was partly regret, partly amusement.

I regret that I am a food person. I am amused that some people do not count food as a big deal. Well, the yam porridge was going to break my intermittent fasting for the day. I had stopped this for a while, I resumed last week. You can click on that link for full details of how it works, its benefits and how you can start too.

About Santa Cruz Beach, Lagos

Santa Cruz is an intimately private beach in Lagos. It is one of the cleanest beaches you can find in Lekki and I think it owes that to the fact that it is small and welcomes a lot of celebrities.

A lot of Nigerian celebrities are known to hold their special parties with guests in Santa Cruz. It is also very close to Atican Beach.

This beach is in such a very serene environment. I remember having to envy people living in this area when we were in the environs of Santa Cruz.

I had screamed when I saw Cedar Homes. So Cedar Homes is a project by Realty Points, a company I once worked for years ago. The real estate agents would say that they were going on inspection and I would wonder where the heck it was. Well, I was going to know without stress. Funny.

If I bought a house in that area, I would most absolutely love it, I could get to relax in any of the beaches. Atican Beach is also very close to Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz Beach, Lagos address

This beach is located off Abraham Adesanya Estate, Negombo Road, Lekki Phase 2.

How to get to Santa Cruz Beach

If you are coming in public transport, here is how to get to Santa Cruz beach from say, Yaba. If you are coming from anywhere farther than Yaba on the mainland, just find out how to get to Yaba or Obalende. You can use the BRT buses.

Santa Cruz Beach is at Eti-Osa Lekki. At Yaba bus stop, take one of the Yellow buses or BRT buses going to Obalende. Get off at Obalende Park. This should cost you 100 to 150 Naira.

From Obalende, take a bus going to Epe and alight at Sangotedo Bus stop. This should cost you approximately 500 Naira, give or take.

From Sangotedo bus stop take a bus going to Ajah bus stop and get off at Lagos Business School.

You can alternatively take a bus going to Lekki/Ajah from Obalende park and drop off at Lagos Business School.

When you get off, ask for Santa Cruz beach, it is close by.

Gate fee to enter Santa Cruz Beach

The gate fee per person is 1,000 Naira. As a group, we were supposed to be 70 people and the price was 60,000 Naira. The church group was able to negotiate 50,000 Naira for 70 people.

This should give you an idea of how much you have to pay at Santa Cruz if you are coming in as a team. If you are bringing in your food, you pay 500 Naira per person or per cooler.

From what I hear about Santa Cruz beach, it is about your bargaining power, if you can bargain well, you have really good prices.

Fun Things to do at Santa Cruz Beach

Pick Coral Shells

This does not look exactly like my thing though but I had two girls begin to gather coral shells as the wind blew them and it was fun to watch.

I picked some off theirs and oh, the beauty in shapes and sizes. Apparently these Coral Shells and sold and used to beautify homes and do some interior decor work.

Go on a horse ride

So, yo, I horses and I are not on the same page man. I can’t deal with horses, they scare the hell out of me. If you, however, have nothing against horses, a horse ride is such a cool one to do.

It costs 500 Naira to ride a horse at Santa Cruz beach.

Organize a birthday party 

There is a hall where people can hold their parties at Santa Cruz beach. In fact, a lot of celebrities are known to host their birthday parties and other celebrations there.


Even though the place is quite smaller than most beaches, you can have some time to yourself if you live close by. Just lie and be still. It is a good place to rewind.

What I like about Santa Cruz Beach, Lagos

I like that the place was neater than the popular Elegushi beach, you can click for full details about the beach. The water looks and feels cleaner. There is also a bouncing house where the children can play. That was so much of a relief for us as the children were very occupied.

What I don’t like about Santa Cruz Beach, Lagos

There are not a lot of side attractions. You practically have to bring in your own fun else it would be a boring experience. Thankfully, the people I went with are very lively, fun-to-be-with people.

Santa Cruz is a nice holiday getaway for this period so you can consider bringing your team in if you want to have fun. However be sure that you are bringing in your own kind of fun. Save for the loud music and the waters, there are not too many things to catch your fancy.

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