How to run a successful home office

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Working from home is such a shiny goal. Very many of the people I have met in my lifetime fancy the idea of working in your pajamas. Of course, discussions have been held around this. Yes, that’s how I know.

Commuting from one place to another to get to achieve a set of career goals can be as draining as heck. There is also the workplace dynamics to deal with. Sometimes commuting expenses gulp the bulk of the financial rewards of the job.

This is probably why I read a lot about building, running and maintaining a successful home office. Lately, I have seen some beautiful home offices on Instagram and unlike my reaction in past times, I get to wonder how they run the space.

We may think running a successful home office is as easy as bananas. I mean, what else do we have to do? Wear the pyjamas of course! I was once like that until I began to read experiences documented by people who work from home. I began to consume a lot of information on how they have to balance their work life and career working from home. To start a business at home, it requires a lot of resilience, dedication, commitment, passion and sometimes, extra hours.

We often times think that the work-life balance is a struggle for only commercial office dwellers. Nope. People who work from home struggle with a lot of balancing too especially if there is another side hustle to help earn extra. Haven’t you noticed that the more time and comfort you have sometimes, the harder it is to be efficient and productive?

Firstly, there is the thing of too much comfort. Secondly, we have another issue of will-power. And then we have the kids, our friends, our favorite shows, Netflix, YouTube, proximity to the kitchen, the bedroom (actually, the bed). This list is endless.

You might not have thought of this but I also want you to know that burning out is also an issue. The over-work, no-rest, round-the-clock syndrome is very much present in the work from home lifestyle.

There are many reasons why people may have to work from home. Two of these reasons are:

Becoming self-employed

You may have decided to leave the 9-5 setting.  It is a very brave decision, by the way. Yes,  some courage is needed to quit a full-time job and become the boss of yourself. It may sound all glamorous at first but the struggle to keep it all together is enough to help you see why becoming self-employed isn’t usually diamonds and roses at the start.

Moving your office to your apartment

Some people are so valuable that they have become “indispensable” at their place of work.  Due to some reasons,  they may have to work from home if working from a place outside the home seems impossible.  Health, maternity leave,  work leave, etc. are reasons.

It is actually fun to work from your home. Many people covet this because there is no such relief as having time at your disposal and choosing how exactly you want to manage it and what you want to spend it on.

Are you thinking of working from home or you are already?  Do not worry,  here are some tips to increase your productivity and make you successful. You can click here to read tips on setting up your first home office.

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how to build a successful home office

Plan your day like you are actually going to the office.

Do not waste the commuting time you would have spent on the road to your workplace watching TV, make it productive. Plan your day and the next, probably. Have a to-do list so that you are not up and about doing nothing. Grab your things and get organized.

Help your family understand when you are at work.  

Do this verbally. Let them know your boundaries, tell them. Do not use body language to communicate your work plans especially if you have deadlines. If you plan to work from 9 to 3 with a one or two-hour break, let them know. Let them also know how many days this will happen in a week.

Customize your home office like you would an office away from home.

To get into the work groove, you may want to place a few work – inspired items here and there. They key is to not make your workspace too comfortable or too official.

I found this article on how to design the ideal home office fabulously superb. also has really great whiteboards to check out for your home office.

Give yourself a break when you need it.  

For passion driven jobs,  it takes discipline to get away from what you love. To avoid burning out frequently, learn to space out your work. Don’t go all day working because you have your desk just across the room. Rest, stretch, exercise, have a life.

Have a to-do list so that you have an idea of how to start working.

It is easy to beat about the bush without getting stuff done. Remember that this was the first thing I mentioned. Work around a plan. A good way to achieve this is by getting an organizer or an app on your phone to help you schedule tasks. Use a calendar to mark events and important dates of meetings. You can get carried away at home.

Set a target.

Be careful not to put on yourself too much pressure. Let your target be very realistic. If you would normally finish some specific task in three days, don’t set a one-day target or a one-week target. It is either your burn out or never meet the target.

Allow no visitors in during working hours.

Be serious about this. Work is work, play is play. Of course, you are not becoming a principality in your own home but if you are to be productive, if you are to achieve and be efficient, you may have to let visitors know that you will be working at so and so time. It doesn’t matter if it’s from home. You will be working, and that’s just about it.

Do not have a distracting gadget e.g TV in your home office.

Get rid of the games too. Anything that makes you stand up from behind your desk even though you have a deadline to meet is a distraction. Make your home office distraction-free. This doesn’t translate to a boring office, it rather guarantees an efficient working space.

Have you recently transitioned into working from home? Have you had your home office for a long time? Are you planning to? Please share in the comments section.

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