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Run by Kiki Omeili (2019 Nollywood movie) Review

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Run Movie trailer

Run (2019) is definitely the shortest movie I have seen in the cinema all my life. In about an hour, we were thoroughly done.

I am not sure exactly how to feel afterward but I do remember how I felt while I watched Run. It was satisfying and wholesome. This movie was complete in itself. The careful weave of life lessons, humor, and the reality of living in a sentimental, emotionally driven and reckless society was admirable and very articulate.

Run nollywood movie

I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did but as soon as it was over, I was angry. I think I wanted more, I needed the climax to come later and that the story is prolonged. One thing I have however come to realize is that some of the greatest stories are short and effective.

No fluff, no messing around.

Written and produced by Kiki Omeili; directed by Uche Chukwu, Run was sure to give its viewers decent suspense. I was not on the edge of my seat but I liked some of the unexpected twists and turns. It was sometimes absorbing, other times, simply hilarious.

Run nollywood movie by Kiki Omeili

This is the kind of movie you should watch if you ever want to remember the worst day of your life.

The actors are pleasantly incredible! I enjoyed every bit of the acting as much as I did the story, albeit too short for the cinema movie experience. Kiki Omeili was awesome! I do not think I have watched movies with her in them. I might need to think hard but Run was a good way to have a formal introduction.

Run doesn’t have too much of the Nollywood movie buzz, at least, enough to go purchase a cinema ticket but if you ever run into Run, buy yourself popcorn and something cold. You will need that to compensate for the short time you’ll spend in there.


I would give Run by Kiki Omeilia a 7/10.


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