survival kit for road travel in Nigeria

Your survival kit for road travel within Nigeria

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If you have never gone on a long road travel within Nigeria before now, you will quickly find out that this is either going to be a totally awesome experience or an entirely miserable experience for you.

Traveling on the road is supposed to be fun but if you are not adequately armed and prepared, everything might be ruined. I have been traveling on Nigerian roads for a while now and today, I decided it would make sense to share with you, what you need to do to prepare for long road travel, especially if you are a first-timer.

This is a spin-off from the last travel article I wrote on traveling from Lagos to Ilorin by road. You can check out that article here if you are planning to go on this trip sometime soon.

Tips for traveling by road in Nigeria

Have a carry-on/handbag with you

No matter how many loads you have, always have your a carry-on bag or handbag with you where you seat. This should contain all of the things you can pull out at any given time. Baby wipes, wallet, keys, phone, power bank, charger and any other thing that makes you feel comfortable.

Make sure your phone is fully charged

If you are someone who gets bored alone, this is a no-brainer. In fact, you should also have a charged power bank in addition too. You can listen to music, surf the internet where there is network, chat with friends/family/boo/bae,

Pack your load into one bag if possible

I know that some of us have load for Africa but if you can, try to get all your load to fit into one travel bag. You can go for a bigger size, just so you can have everything in one place. Not only will this reduce the extra cost you are charged for but it will help you be more coordinated during your road travel.

Bring your water along if you can

I personally do not trust the water that is being sold on the road in the cities we pass by. Recently, information about people rebottling water on their own and selling water without approval have surfaced. Some of the videos are so disheartening. There are times I have bought bottled water that tasted very bad or smelt awful. So if you can, bottle up your own water and put it in your carry on bag. This is why you should have that bag with you in the first place.

Have tissue paper or baby wipes

For me, baby wipes help me feel refreshed after we have traveled far. I just swipe over my face, neck, and chest. There might also be unforeseen situations like someone spilling their drink, vomiting, etc. Road travel can be too long to sit in someone’s dirty business so have a tissue or wipes handy.

Be careful with your phone if you are by the window

A lot of people like to sit by the window but it comes at its own cost. You have to be very careful about people snatching your phone. If you must use your phone, you can have the window slightly closed up enough to not contain someone’s hands. There are also other ways to discretely use your phone without drawing much attention.

Empty your bowels

You know what to do to get them running and working as soon as you wake up, so do just that. For some people, they take a glass of water, I do that too. Other people just go sit on the toilet bowl and their bowels begin to move. Even though there are enough stops in Nigerian road travel paths, you don’t want to be uncomfortable trying to nurse a troubled bowel. That’s if you even have a patient driver and fellow passengers.

Have your hair covered

If you are a girl or a boy who doesn’t like the idea of showing up at their destination looking like they work at a cement factory, cover your hair. Some of the roads in Nigeria are very dusty.

Dress the part

Oh dear, road travel in Nigeria is not the time to wear anything that might get in your way. It is advisable to wear dark coloured and light clothing, and very comfortable footwear. You want to be able to move as much as you want during this long trip.

Make sure your car is in good shape

If you are traveling in your own car, an extra tire is necessary. Make sure your car documents are complete so that you don’t have to embarrass yourself with law and safety officials on the road

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