Risky Burger Recipe

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Risky burger recipe. Risky burger on plate
Photo Credit: Tunmike U. Olatilewa

Yummy yummy risky burger recipe is here for you. They say OAU students know the in and out of this one.

Helloooooooo my faithful Blog followers. How are you doing today? How is the weather over there? It is cloudy here, it’s about to rain. I like rains so much that I don’t mind getting drenched and that is of course if I have my shower cap in my bag.  *hand over mouth* My mum would faint if she ever reads this thing I just told you. All her children gave her tough time with the rain. There was always a reason to ‘test’ the umbrella; to march out in the rain to run errands she initially screamed out at us to do, to check if we had no rag outside. In the rain! Dad didn’t have much to do about it. Hehehehe!

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Mothers are too over protective jhoor. See my mouth, I don’t know what I’ll turn out to be when it’s my turn. But, hey, if you are a mother reading this, don’t give yourself hypertension. Ah! Naija mothers too dey scream. We don’t want to lose you to any sickness o because life would become something else for us. So, please and please, calm down.

Okay, back to food blogging, I read your e-mails and I am usually encouraged. Whenever I check my blog stats and I see visitors from far away places like Zimbabwe, Gambia, UK, South Africa, Kenya and the rest, my heart leaps for joy because I know that my audience is growing and so whenever I am lazy to blog, I am usually geared up. I am happy to get your feedback; it’s utmost pleasure.

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Now, today, I decided to post something on ‘Obsessive Possessive Disorder’ but a comment on one of my Facebook posts re-directed my focus. So, here we are with Risky Burger recipe. This is straight from my Facebook timeline (no editing, so you might want to forgive my language. You are as close to my heart as my Facebook friends anyway). Enjoy:

Ingredients for Risky Burger

Eggs(2), bell peppers (ata rodo), tomatoes, onion, smoked fish (sawa preferably), vegetable oil, salt and Agege bread.

Procedure for Risky Burger

-Manually grate the peppers, tomatoes and onions together. (Electric blender not allowed, babe)

-Break eggs into a bowl and whip.

-Add manually grated pepper sauce into whipped eggs.

-Shred in the smoked fish.

-Add salt and mix thoroughly.

– Put frying pan on fire.

-Add two spoons of vegetable oil and let it heat up enough to fry.

-Pour the egg mixture into the frying pan and fry.

-Lower the heat (be careful if you are using gas lest you scoop out black fried eggs, I can’t cry for anybody)

-Slice the agege bread into two (no, sliced bread is not allowed!).

-Fill in the bread with the fried egg mixture.

-Take the filled in bread back to the frying pan (on low heat ooooo, ehn ehn) and
preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss one of the sides with a frying spoon till it is brown and toasted.

-Turn the other side of the bread and repeat same. You should have a flat bread. (If you like, go and put your hand inside the frying pan on the fire, I nor dey)

-There you go, risky burger!

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1. Dear future hubby, I promise to cook you real meals buuuuuuuut you must eat Risky Burger.

2. I made this today for the first time after Tobi Eyinade taught me in her kitchen two years ago.

3. You are not allowed to toast that bread. No shortcuts! If you cheat on this recipe, please, know in your heart of hearts that you are not eating Risky Burger. Sorry.

Okay, let me know how it goes. I would appreciate your feedback on this one too. Oya, leggo, risky burger to the rescue.

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